Sunday, January 4, 2015

Five Questions With...Bruno Redondo

I am such a huge fan of the Injustice comic book and a major reason is because of Bruno Redondo.  Injustice is a book loaded with so many awesome characters and Bruno gives the best version of each.  Seriously, each issue is like a greatest hits album. He's also a really cool guy who was one of the first creators to take time to talk to us personally, so yes, I'm just a little bit biased. I don't care because over the year and a half we've had our site, one of the highlights was when he called me "brother" on twitter.  I couldn't wait to get to work and brag to Eric.  Nobody calls Eric "brother", not even his brothers!!!  Let's leave Eric alone though, the guy thinks that headbands are a great fashion choice.  I'd like to thank Bruno for doing this and I hope you all enjoy it.

1. What are you working on now and/or is coming out soon? 

Today I'm writing for my first chapter with Brian (Buccellato).  I'm excited to see what he comes up with. About what comes next, I'll stay on Injustice...there is so much work to do.  DC heroes don't kill themselves ;)

2. On Injustice: Gods Among Us you get the opportunity to draw so many iconic characters.  Which character is your favorite to draw and why?

I love to draw Batman, and John Constantine. Batman keeps being a challenge for me.  He's one of my favorites since I was a kid, and I'm still trying to do the "perfect" Batman... I like how he looks by now, but I'm still not there. John is a different thing; I always loved his series...that's where you can find some of the best scripts and I grew up with him and I feel like I really know the guy.  It's easy for me to make him move, speak, gesture.  The bad thing about him is that I quit smoking three months ago, it's hard to draw a character that is always smoking while you still feel like a nicotine yonki!  But I'm okay, I'm stronger than that (or that's what I say to myself all the time!) 

3.  Ronaldo or Messi?

Honestly, neither of them, I'm not a football guy. I respect some people who like it, but I don't like how the government and the media use people's hobbies to distract them about many important and injust (yes, I did that) things they would be worried about. Once that's said, I hate Ronaldo the most.

4.  You did the art on the General Mills Presents: Justice League book.  What is your favorite and least favorite breakfast cereals and why?

That's the question I was waiting for: I'm just a little lactose intolerant, so I lost the habit of eating cereal in the morning.  Instead of that, I drink a lot of coffee and eat other things, but when I go to a friend's or family's house and they have cereal, I eat them by the handful.  I think I like all of them.

5. Who or what is your favorite Star Wars character and why?

I love the bro' feeling between Han and Chewie and  that side of the Star Wars Universe where you feel they could find the serenity in a chase or walk over an asteroid without a space suit... I love that western sci-fi stuff. Also, Chewie has the most thoughtful dialogue!

6. Besides awesome comic book artists, what is Alcazar de San Juan known for?

Thanks for that. Alcazar is located right in the heart of La Mancha, known to be the place from Don Quijote. We even have reasons to think that Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the writer of the book, was born here.  There are things like a baptismal document and some theories (I wrote and drew a graphic novel about that), but it's never been seriously investigated to find out if it's true or not.  It looks like some people are too comfortable with the truth they already have.  Yes, I know that makes me sound like a totally paranoid person...sorry.

7.  How many chicken wings can you eat in one sitting?

A lot, my girlfriend can tell you, but I never did the numbers. I will next time.

8. Does Alejandro Germanico Benito Gonzalez go with "Xermanico" because it's cool or because his name won't fit on the cover of a comic?

I read your questions for the first time at the Madrid Expocomic's artists dinner with Xermanico and Jim Chadwick.  They had to laugh when I showed them this question!  Well, he says that "Xermanico" is the way that his surname is spoken in Galicia (a part of Spain in the north-west corner), but I know he really uses that name because it sounds like a porn star name.

I'd like to thank Bruno for being a great artist, a nice guy and for doing this goofy interview.  I can't wait to see what him and Brian Buccellato have is store for Injustice fans and I can only hope that DC realizes the talent this guy has and get him on  a bunch more books.  

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