Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gotham Season 1 Episode 11 "Rogue's Gallery" Review

 Welcome to the MADHOUSE
After weeks of anticipation, Gotham has returned to it's home after the holiday season. Last time we left our young Jim Gordon, he was punished for his insubordination by being sent to the worst place for anyone to be sent to in Gotham — Arkham Asylum. So how does Jim fair without his wonderful teammate, Harvey Bullock? Pretty well in all honesty! But what crimes could be solved in an asylum? Well to those who don't know Arkham (which I call shenanigans, because it's Arkham), it has some of the craziest people in the comic world. And this week on Gotham, that craziness comes in the form of a few little shocks. Let’s check this out!

   Gordon has so far been doing a so-so job as security to an underdeveloped Asylum. We meet "a wonderful set of new characters" including an eccentric nurse, a creepy inmate, a lazy security guard, and a boss who is literally so wound up on the rules, I'm surprised that he wasn't calling Gordon a loose cannon. Sad part is, I could only probably tell you one of these character’s names. They were for the most part stereotypical, except for two characters who threw me for a loop. While you can probably guess most of these guys aren't staying, the one new character who is staying is Dr. Leslie
Thompkins, played by Morena Baccarin. I am already getting a good vibe off of her. She has a sense of what is right, already setting in motion what she will be in the future. She and Gordon have some chemistry and the beginnings of a nice romance, which would be MUCH better than Barbara. Barbara, at the moment, is suffering in the way Thea on Arrow suffered during the second season. She has become whiny and altogether uninteresting. I hope they are able to fix that soon. 

   This week’s crime revolved around a series of electro-shock therapy victims. As unusual as the fact that someone is using a therapy as a weapon, the results are even more unusual. While one victim is essentially lobotomized, another is spewing Shakespeare. The crime and results were so odd, yet it also fit the dark gritty world that Gotham was set in. The crime had me thinking alongside your favorite security guard, and it definitely took me by surprise in the end. On the other side of the law, we see Fish planning with her number two man, Butch, about how to help her reach the top past Falcone. Butch's meetings with the mafioso had me questioning what his motives are, and I liked that. This is a crime drama, and we should be having these moments of "will he or won't he" and trying to figure out the crime along with our law enforcement. My only issue with this is that now I am afraid they will break from the formula I praised in my season 1 part 1 review. You find out who the attacker is, and unfortunately this removes almost all the mystery aspects of the show if the person sticks around.
   This episode is a prime example of a good crime drama episode. It kept me guessing and actually discussing what the outcome would be during the commercial breaks. It had great character moments with Jim and Butch, that made me question motives and kept me invested. While some of the characters ended up being so bland you forget their names, this episode set up a very interesting version of a villain and a set up a very interesting story arc. It is a good start up back to form, and I hope it doesn't trip on the way back to the show's stride.

What did you think of the episode and it's shocking ending? What did you think of this review? Leave a comment below and i'll see you all next time!

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