Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lobo #4 Review

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Reilly Brown, Nelson DeCastro and Vicente Cifuentes and Alison Burges
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: $2.99
Release Date: January 7, 2015

No Touchy

No matter how many issues we get of Lobo, everything always comes down to one you like the new Lobo?  Call him "Sexy Time Lobo", "Twilight Lobo", Faux-bo or some other name too clever for me to come up with, but there are few characters in the DC stable right now that illicit such a love him or hate him response.  I'm sure those who remember the Main Man from the 90's are still shaking their heads at the new look and I wish I could help them drop their cynicism by telling them this book has been great.  Unfortunately, it's only been okay so far.  It is Cullen Bunn writing, however, so I am giving it a little more time before I get too discouraged.  Is this month a step in the right direction?  Let's find out.

This issue is a weird little semi tie-in to Batman/Superman #17, but luckily you don't have to have read it to understand what's going on here.  I'll get you right up to speed: Superman and Lobo don't really like each other.  That wouldn't be too much trouble if Lobo and his ragtag team weren't in Metropolis chasing their latest quarry, Snake Omega.  After a brief stand off and an odd "no touchy" moment,  we get to the heart of the matter.  Snake Omega (love the name) is going to blow up Earth and Lobo is trying to stop him.  Of course, Superman is against the Earth blowing up too and the issue devolves into a hero contest of sorts.

Cullen Bunn took a risk throwing Lobo  on a team and I think the decision is starting to wear thin.  First, they are plain generic and second, Bunn needs to find something for them to do.  That leads to many a forced situation.  This issue they are here for comedy relief that isn't funny and to explain "sciencey" things.  The pace comes to a screeching halt when Emily lets Superman know the heat that Snake Omega is packing.  It didn't make much sense and did nothing but stop the fun of Lobo and Superman yelling at each other.

Bunn then gives us another flashback of Lobo's tragic past.  I have really enjoyed seeing these and they are the main reason that I have kept an open mind towards the new Lobo.  This month's peek wasn't that great.  The ultra violence was nice, but it was confusing and really didn't push the character forward at all.

Back in the present, Superman and Lobo are suddenly fighting Snake Omega and his robot Army.  I know that sounds awesome, but it feels like something was missing and it ends up being a tad confusing.  Are you seeing a trend this month?  The fight ends with Snake Omega escaping Earth and while Superman calls it a victory, Lobo is pissed.  You don't get paid without the kill, you know.  However, the issue ends with Cullen Bunn showing that Lobo always has a plan.

If you haven't noticed yet, this month's issue of Lobo was brought to you by the word "confusing".  This books basic story should not have any moments that are hard to follow and yet, this issue had a bunch.  Also, it's time for Bunn to show how great he is and drop the assassin of the month club.  Let's get to something bigger, badder and better.

There are four artists on the book this month and while that usually results in a too many cooks situation, this issue looks pretty damn good.  It has had more of a cartoony look than I expected, but now that I'm used to it, I like it.  Everything from the stylish flashbacks to Snake Omega and his robots looked cool.  I also LOVED Ben Oliver's awesome cover.

Bits and Pieces:

I feel like I'm one of the few people who like the new Lobo and I'm waiting patiently for the issue to shove down the naysayers throats, but unfortunately, this month's isn't it.  Cullen Bunn continues his shallow assassin of the month arc and even with really good art, I can't recommend this issue.  Maybe I'll do some shoving next month.  One can only hope.



  1. Lobo is pretty much my guilty pleasure comic.....

    1. I really just want it to graduate from guilty pleasure to kick ass book. The one Cullen Bunn book I get to review is definitely his worst. I guess that's my lot in life

  2. I personally loved this issue. I would have given it a 9. I agree that they need to get rid of the earthers, except maybe Emily, since she is actually useful. also this cover is amazing!

    1. i agree with the cover which is so awesome. Emily is okay because, like you said, she has a purpose, but the other two need to be kicked to the curb. That's what the youngsters say, right?!?!

    2. We don't know if they will stay anyways. If Lobo comes back to earth, I am sure we will see them, but otherwise just keep Emily. Plus I loved it when Lobo called Emily his supergirl

    3. okay, I'll give you Emily if we can ditch the others