Friday, March 27, 2015

Five Questions With...Viktor Bogdanovic

Hello everybody and welcome to another Five Questions With...  It is my pleasure to welcome Artist, Viktor Bogdanovic, to our site and I really do mean that.  In just six chapters of Batman: Arkham Knight, Viktor has won me over completely.  It doesn't happen often that an artist jumps onto the scene with the impressive force that he has and if you don't believe me, pick up an issue of Arkham Knight or head over to his Deviant Art page (HERE).  The guy has some scary talent.  Check out the interview below and then check out everything Viktor is involved with.

1. What are you working on now and/or is coming out soon?

I’m currently working on a comic based on a video game based on a comic. It’s called Batman: Arkham Knight and it’s the official prequel story to Rocksteady’s video game. We’re coming out weekly (digital first) + a collected edition on good old paper once a month. The second issue will be out in less than two weeks.

2.  You were born in Switzerland, live in Germany...any plans are where you want to die?

I don’t have plans to die. I'd want it to be spontaneous so wherever it hits me is ok as long as it’s not on a toilet. That would be embarrassing for the people who find me (not for me, because I'd be dead).

3. Besides Arkham Knight (which is so good), what book(s) would you love to be doing art on?

Spider-Man! He’s my favorite character (sorry Batfans!). Arm-Fall-Off-Boy would be nice too. But seriously, I’d be happy to draw any character.

4.  Happy belated Birthday...what was the best birthday present you ever got?

Thanks! Nintendo Entertainment system + Section Z + two controlers, no doubt.

5. What German beer goes best with Chicken Wings?

Any German beer goes best with anything.

6. When you held your first Batman issue in your hands, did you indeed poop your pants?

I still haven’t seen it! DC didn’t send me my comps and the comic shops in Berlin don’t have it yet but once I get it I will poop my pants, promised. 

Thanks again to Viktor for taking the time and doing our goofy interview.  Check Viktor out on Twitter @VikBogdanovic and Facebook (HERE) and tell him Weird Science sent you.  I don't know what that will get you, maybe a fancy German beer or a turn on Section Z!

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