Saturday, March 28, 2015

DC Television Round up: Week of 3/28/15

As one who is still in school, it's tough trying to get 3+ reviews out while trying to study. To amend for this, there will be posts weekly giving small reviews to each of the DC TV shows until the end of the school semester. Expect during the weekend i.e. the only real time I have free.


The Flash
We have the return of Captain Cold and Heatwave in the fallout of Barry's first experience time traveling. Most of last week's events, such as Cisco's death and Iris admitting her feelings, have been erased from existence, removing all the tension from last week's episode. While that was a tad disappointing, the most disappointing aspect of this week was Golden Gli- You know what? NO! It's just a lady named Lisa. I didn't get a sister vibe from her, or someone that drove Cold to protect her. She was heartless, and overall unlikable. Hopefully it was just the writing this time around and we get a better form of her next time.  Also, what was the deal with that golden gun? Glider uses a gun now?
SCORE: 7.5/10

Two episodes in and I am legitimately enjoying this new show from the Vertigo side. It is a delightful mix of comedy, crime, and horror, as well as a neat twist to the zombie genre. This week was especially funny with a mystery surrounding a dead artist, and our main character Liv, amazingly played by Rose McIver, becomes all forms of passionate and flirty. We are also introduced formally to our main antagonist who might be one of the most charming zombies you'll ever meet. The two cases so far have been YAY and NAY. The Nay was unfortunately the first episode, with a cop out for the actual killer. The Yay was this week, by having me guessing at every turn, as if I was a cop in the show. This is definitely a series to take a watch of.
Score: 8/10

Unfortunately this week the episode felt a tad bit too crowded for it's own good. We have the "epic stand-off" between Arrow and Atom, due to Arrow being framed by the League of Assassins. I don't know what was up with Ray Palmer this episode, but he was ready to destroy the Arrow just over the accusation of murder. As if he didn't note the good he's done over the bad. Though I will admit, the fight with the heroes is pretty funny. The other story is an entire Suicide Squad Mission. I love me some Suicide Squad, but trying to cram a mission in with the Oliver vs. Ray plot is entirely unnecessary. Squad Missions need their own episodes..though after this week's I don't know if there will be any more. The most hard hitting part of the show is the conclusion/Death of Deadshot. We learn his backstory, and its depressing, more so that in the end he gives his life up for the sake of the Diggles getting home to their little girl. SCORE: 6.5/10

What was your favorite parts of this week? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!

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