Saturday, March 28, 2015

Deathstroke #6 Review

Written and Art by: Tony S. Daniel
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 25, 2015

An Eye for an Eye

Is it cliche to call Deathstroke a "Bloody Good Time"? Yea, I thought so too, but that sums up this book so well.  Sure, Slade's story of past sins and current troubles is pretty good, but the main draw each month is Tony Daniel's over-the-top, blood soaked art.  Severed limbs are the order of the day and Daniel is serving them up fresh and hot.  Thankfully, this week is no different.  Slade is still hanging out with Harley Quinn in Gotham City and you can just imagine what trouble those two can get into together.  Does Daniel end this arc with a killer finale or does Slade just limp off until June.  Let's find out...

Like I said, Slade is hanging with Harley and I wish this teamup could continue.  I know that Deathstroke likes to work alone, but Harley lightens up the mood so well...and also adds to the body count.  That's a win-win in my book.  The two of them quickly come across another character that has become a bit of a guest star in this series...Possum.

Possum has stayed true to his moniker this entire series and it's obvious Harley hasn't been reading. When Possum's severed head comes to life, Harley's reaction is hilarious.  When Possum's legs and torso start fighting Slade, I laughed out loud.  Overall, this scene feels like filler, but man it was fun.

We then get a look at what Odysseus and his band of assassins are up to.  Odysseus wants Jericho for his grand plan, but he's willing to get Rose in on it too.  It continues the messed up family reunion story that has dominated this book.  When Deathstroke shows up, the party really gets started.

By party I mean an awesome battle, of course.  Severed limbs, buckets of blood and more severed limbs make this one adrenaline inducing scene, but I have to admit I was a tad bit confused.  It's not just this battle, but the book itself.  I still am not fully sure I have my head wrapped around the basic story, especially when it comes to Odysseus and Jericho.  Maybe this is all by design, because in the middle of the battle, Jericho yells "Enough" and things in Slade's life kind of reset.  One things still the same, though, Slade is really pissed off.

Like I said above, the overall story of Deathstroke has been a bit confusing to me and when this issue ended, I was even worse off.  I'm not saying I don't like it.  On the contrary, it seems to have gotten under my skin and I want to find out what's going on.  I just wish I didn't have to wait until June to do so.

Tony S. Daniel's art is two things...bloody and awesome.  This continues being one of the best looking comics in all of the DC lineup and it's over -the-top quality makes me smile.  I can't wait to see who is the first to lose a limb or get their head bashed in, I must be a sick bastard.  Oh well, I love the art in this book.

Bits and pieces:

Deathstroke #6 was another blood soaked issue that left me with more questions than answers.  Tony S. Daniel's art was great, but his story felt a bit off.  It felt like Daniel was hitting the reset button to give the book a fresh start in June which is odd for a book on it's sixth issue.  Odd, but maybe welcome and necessary.  I guess we'll find out in two months.


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