Friday, April 24, 2015


Before the announcement a quick recap...

Nearly 30 years ago, Frank Miller recreated Batman in the legendary The Dark Knight Returns miniseries. It depicted an older batman, where most superheroes either were forced into retirement or just flat out left the planet. The only hero left was Superman, who was forced to work for the president in diplomatic disputes. The miniseries ended with one of the most iconic and badass fights in all of comics; Batman vs. Superman. After the fight, he begins training a group of teens to be his bat army.

20 years pass and in 2001 Miller created it's sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Turns out the President was Lex Luthor and Brainiac, using either blackmail or traps to keep the other heroes at bay. So batman goes to recruit other heroes such as The Flash, The Atom, and the Hawk Kids to help fight the tyrants. In the end, Batman gets his old friend off of Luthor's side, but puts the idea of taking over the planet into Supes head....Way to go Bruce!

Years later, DC announced on this day that the end was nigh for the Caped Crusader. They announced THE DARK KNIGHT: THE MASTER RACE!

Now while I love The Dark Knight Returns, I was on the fence for Strikes Again. Here I have more hope as it looks like they are going to tie the sudden shift of superman's interest as the focus of the title. It also helps that Miller will be co-writing this story with Brian Azzarello. All I can say is at this point...I can't wait!

If you want the full announcement go HERE


  1. I assume this means Dark Knight: Boy Wonder (otherwise known as the completion of All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder) officially isn't happening?

    1. I think you are right on that

    2. from what I read and seen, Frank Miller is not in good health (why he isn't doing art and Azzarello is cowriting) so my guess is he's trying to get a bunch of things done so maybe...