Monday, April 20, 2015

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 4/18/15

This week in DC Comics we got two Batmen staring at each other, a true Man of Steel and a whole bunch of other things converging with each other.  While I was a little disappointment with the week in general, I'm still on board the Trolley as we head into Week Three.  One thing that has hit me, however, is the amount of books each week.  Having half the the usual amount of books makes for some easy review days, but makes picking the best covers a little bit harder. So, with that in mind, here are my picks for Best Covers of the Week.

Note from Jim:  Sorry this week's Best Covers is a bit late, I had a bit of a football to the eye problem that put me out of commission for a day.  I really hope it doesn't happen again, but my lack of attention and my 14 year old son's lack of accuracy may strike again.


Convergence: Supergirl - Matrix #1 (Howard Porter and Hi Fi)

It's no secret to anyone who comes to our site that I am a huge fan of both Reginald Ramhandle Howard Porter and Hi Fi.  If you want to know why, get out from under your rock and check out the thousands of awesome examples...or check out this week's Cover of the Week.  Supergirl looks great, but it's ginger Lex that did it for me. He rocks that purple suit like it's nobody's business and the teleporter finder thingy he's holding ties in with the Convergence story.  An awesome looking cover that isn't lying about what's inside?  That spells COTW to me.  Just don't ask me to say it.

Runners Up

Convergence: Justice League International #1 (Paul Renaud)

This issue was all about the team and the cover follows suit...or maybe vice versa?  I guess I'll have to give Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold a ring and find out.  Until then, I'll just sit and smile at this cover because that's the sort of thing I do.  Btw, Ted Kord rocks!

Convergence #2 (Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Peter Steigerwald)

Wow!  What a way to kick off Week Two of Convergence than with a Cover with Thomas and Bruce their work uniforms, no less.  While I really want to see Flashpoint Thomas Wayne meet New 52 Bruce, this is the next best thing...maybe.  With all this reality hopping and city stealing, I'm not sure.  I am sure that these guys  gave fans a kick ass cover that he'll probably get sick of signing in about 40 years.

Convergence: Shadow of the Bat #1 
(Philip Tan, Jason Paz and Elmer Santos)

This cover is just pure badassery.  Batman looks pissed and Azrael just looks great.  I don't have much of a history with Jean-Paul (he's Gargamel's cat, right?), but I love the armor in all it's 90's glory.  While I wish the issue matched this great cover, but we still have hope for next issue.  


  1. the Convergence 2 cover was done by Ivan Reis not Peter Stigerwald

    1. Thanks...I am not sure how I missed that. It was Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Peter Steigerwald. Thanks agaon and I changed it in the article.