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Fanboy Theories: The Hidden 7 Earths of The Multiversity


I am practically in love with the DC Multiverse! So many different stories and versions of characters impress and challenge the imagination of the reader. What if the League was evil? Hop on over to Earth-3 and take a look. What if they were born in Victorian England? Join Earth 19's Wonder Woman and Batman to learn! The lovers of the Multiverse were given a gift from the brilliant Grant Morrison with his most recent series: THE MULTIVERSITY! We have seen a map of this multiverse, and in January, a guidebook to the crazy multiverse that makes up DC comics was released to the public. However, in both the map and the book, there was a missing piece...actually SEVEN missing pieces. There were 7 earths that were kept hidden! In this week's Fanboy Theories, I am going to explain what I think these hidden earths could be.

Earth 14: Injustice
This was one of the more likely choices to be an earth in all honesty. This is a earth that has gained much popularity since the game came out, only to increase more when a comic of this world was released. Injustice has just finished it's third year of publication, and the popularity hasn't stopped. Publicity wise, one of the most popular comics DC sells HAS to be in the multiverse. In the end, they have been proven to be apart of A multiverse, as we see them in the second issue of Convergence(Granted destroyed by another earth, but that's a theory for another day). That being said, due to the destruction stated above, that Earth could be wiped out right now.

Earth 24: Batman Miller-Verse
The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Year One are two of the most legendary Batman tales of all time. This version of Batman was the reason for Batman being remembered as The Dark Knight again after the 60's TV series. This has been an Earth in the past, and in a way is the mirror world of 31, the Red Son Universe, as Earth 24 is parallel to 31. Where Batman is a Knight dedicated to keep order in a city where there is none, on 31 he's a terrorist dedicated to spreading the chaos from Superman's control. Where Superman is a hero from the soviet union, on this earth he's an all American soldier for the government, following every order. The issue with this being the world is the OTHER two Batmen books written by Miller...Where Batman is portrayed as a grinning psychotic brute who kidnaps young children to make them Robin....See the contradiction?

Earth 25: Flashpoint
This one needs less explanation as the others, but for good reason. At the end of Flashpoint, the Atlanteans used that earth's version of Geo-Force to defeat the Amazons. The world however turned out to be very fragile, and when the former Outsider used his power, it began cracking the world in two. Flash runs off to fix the timeline as the earth he left behind is destroyed...or did it? Those who just read the main series of the event might not know that Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 who survived in this timeline, was searching for the White Entity for the Guardians. In the end, he finds it, just after the Guardians "fire" him. The Entity enters him, giving him the power of the White Lantern, and he flies off to space to hold the crumbling earth together. Because of the time paradox, as well as the ultimate White Lantern holding it all together, gives this earth the chance to still be alive out there.

Earth 27: Smallville
That's right! I believe that the longest running DC live action TV series is one of these hidden seven earths!  The show ran for ten seasons, but clearly that was not enough. DC made an ELEVENTH Season as part as the Digital First line of comics. People enjoyed these stories, some revolving around the Titans, Lanterns; Heck even BATMAN is involved in the universe. In the penultimate storyline(Chaos) however we learn that A: There is an entire Multiverse connected to the Smallville world, rather than just Earth "2", a world where Clark is evil(HI ULTRAMAN!) and B: That the MONITORS exists. The Monitors actually become the villains in the final arc, but as always, the Justice League save the day, and send Monitors to the Phantom Zone. This could be the actual reason THIS iteration of the Multiverse is down to just one. The issue with this being an Earth however is the fact that the Jor-El A.I. as shown in the picture says there is just 28 different iterations of earth that are known.

Earth 28: Gods and Monsters
To those who haven't heard, the next DC Animated Movie is an Elseworld's story that revolves around a more volatile and violent Justice League. The members are Superman(The Son of Zod raised by a Mexican immigrant farming couple), Wonder Woman(Bekka of the New Gods), and Batman(Kirk Langstrom, a Vampire-esque version rather than Man-Bat). For this story, Bruce Timm(The brilliant mind behind the DC Animated Universe) has announced that there will be comics centered around their world(specifically a series for each of the members leading into a team up), an action figure line, as well as a three part miniseries called Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles on the Machinima website which apparently lead into the movie...This seems like a LOT of work put into just an elseworld, doesn't it? This is an interesting take on the league, created by a man who made some of the greatest animated series of all time. This is a relatively new development, but its still a fun theory to be in the multiverse.

Earth 46: Justice League 3000
If you haven't had a chance to read the hilarious exploits of the Justice League 3000, but its been one heck of a ride so far. We are introduced to new versions of some of the greatest heroes, coming up with some humorous situations. We learn after the first volume however Ted Kord and Booster Gold are present in the future, after being found frozen...Ted Kord also talks about Elongated Man and Maxwell Lord...All three supposedly either written out of continuity or haven't been fully stepped into their roles in the case of Kord. Also if this was the future Earth-0, that makes THREE Boosters on this earth, as he makes no reference to the other Booster, and doesn't know Kord. This has to be a different earth from the norm, and by extension SOMEWHERE in the multiverse. There is just one tiny inconsistency that could debunk this earth...Isn't Darkseid supposed to be the same everywhere since he's a god? If so, WHY IS HE A HEAD IN A JAR!

Earth 49: CW DC TV-Verse
Were you honestly surprised? This universe grows bigger and bigger every year with new episodes, in-between season comics, even new shows. We started off with the "retold" origins of the Arrow, but by the middle of the second season, this earth steps up to the multiversal bat. In the very first episode of their second series, The Flash, a traveller from the future  shows on a newspaper that there was a "Crisis" and "Red Skies"...This earth is going to be in a multiversal crisis in 10 years... We see Barry grow in the past year and now he is able to time travel! It's only a matter of time till he travels not forwards or backwards, but sideways...TO ANOTHER EARTH!

As I stated last week, this is just my theories on the hidden multiverse earths. If you have an opinion on my theories, or your own theories on the hidden earths, leave a comment below and I'll seeya all later!

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  1. Personally I think their going to try coming up with some sort of loophole to keep some of these worlds without making them a part of the multiverse. How they will pull it off, I have no idea. But it seems plausible.