Saturday, April 25, 2015

DC Comics Television Round Up: Week of 4/25/15

We are closing in on the end for the heroes of the TV world! Only a handful of episodes remain for Arrow and Flash, and only two left for Gotham. This week our boys in Gotham are continuing a search of a serial killer, even though the killer swears to go after ANYONE the investigator's love. In Central City, The Flash goes after the shape shifting Everyman as Cisco and Joe head to Starling to investigate "Dr. Harrison Wells". Finally, we catch back up with Oliver after a brutal stabbing to his sister, its time for the Arrow to fall, but Al Sah-him to rise. Now enough of the blabbering, lets take a look!

Good god, the new villain, The Ogre, has been a creepy son of a b***h. Which turns out he kinda is. Jim and Harvey investigate this killer from all angles to learn that because of a cruel caretaker, he became the twisted monster we know him as today. This episode was a creepy walk into a mind of a serial killer, but that isn't the only good part. The side stories, such as Maroni telling Penguin's mother of his deeds(NOT COOL MARONI, NO NEED TO BE A RAT!), Bruce and Selina pickpocketing the man who might have orchestrated the Wayne Murders, and of course the birth of a certain green wearing "riddle man". This is one of the better episodes of the season, though it didn't go without flaws. Flaws such as the sudden abuse storyline for Ms.Kringle or the "50 shades" insinuations The Ogre was hinting at was a bit much. I can't wait for next week's episode to continue this case!


The Flash

The team was split today as Barry went against a man who could shapeshift into anyone he touched. I kind of wished there were more mind games involved, but when he transforms into Eddie, no games were played. The villain was VERY devious, thinking of creative situations with the people he could transform into. This also was annoying as most of the shocking parts of the Wonder Con Flash trailer earlier this month just turned out to be a ruse for the creepy looking Metahuman of the week(Seriously look at that picture! Gotham had scarecrow, the ogre, Flash has this, and god knows how much creepy stuff Constantine had. DC Television: supplying weekly nightmare fuel). Meanwhile, Cisco and Joe team up with Quentin Lance to investigate the night of Well's Accident. Its a nice side story that not only pushes the plot of the Flash, but also in Arrow as well as Joe helps Lance to forgive Laurel and Cisco giving her a device for the Canary Cry. Despite the good of the episode, this is probably the most forgetable of this week's shows. In comparison to the other two, the only thing that was truly memorable was the after end card scene, which set up the final conflict between Flash and the Reverse Flash. The episode was good, but not as good as others.



Well I suppose this is the end of Arrow, as this week he's off to Nanda Parbat to save his sister. This was a great episode for the set up to his new life in the League! It felt more and more like the end of the Arrow, he says his goodbyes, the Olicity ship has finally reached the peak if you catch my drift, and people sink into sadness. I just have two issues(one big, one small) with the episode, and one of them was Thea based...The resurrection of Thea Queen was hyped up as this gigantic change! Malcolm said that the Lazarus Pit would change a person, that he would let her go forever than let her go into the pit. THE CHANGE WAS 10 SECONDS OF HER SPORADICALLY ATTACKING HER BROTHER! In Batman: Under the Red Hood, we see Jason going through many ninjas, before jumping out a window! Hopefully we see a bigger change over the last few episodes. The second was Ray Palmer...I know hes apart of the superhero team up, and probably will get a love interest in that, but the break up with felicity was kind of fake. What I mean is that throughout this season they've been flirting, worked together; if we forget after their first night together, he finished his super suit. SHE IS HIS MUSE. But nope, he is just fine and dandy that the woman he admitted to be in love with is going away with another man. In the end, while the issues bugged me to a huge extent, the episode was a great transition for the Arrow to fall, and Al Sah-him to rise.


Thats it for this week's round up! Since theres only a handful of episodes left, I will be doing these three for the remaining round up's and then I will be doing a "Series so far" review of iZombie. What did you think of this week's episodes? How do you think the seasons will end? Leave a comment and i'll see you next time!

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