Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fanboy Theories: Batman Endgame


To those who haven't been reading Snyder's run on Batman, stop lying. Joke aside, this recent story arc has been quite a huge story that has shaken Gotham to it's core. The Joker has returned, with a fresh face, and is now set on ending his "relationship" with Batman. He has created the perfect Joker serum, infecting a large amount of the people of Gotham, AND the Justice League themselves. Batman has been pushed into a corner as all the heroes, villains, and even of the city push the jokerized mobs back! We also learned that the Joker has been around Gotham a LOT longer than the Batman. With the perfect Joker serum, The Justice League infected, and to top it all off Joker being immortal, this could mean the end of our Dark Knight as we know him...or will it? Will this battle be the battle for Gotham's soul? Or is this all a trick. Well my friends...THIS WEIRD SCIENTIST THEORIZES THAT NONE OF THIS STORY IS REAL! and here's why...

REASON 1: Theres no way out of this alive

We see many things that seem perfect for an end all story for the Bat...However this is the start of my reasoning of why it's not real. In the Night of Owls, the events looked dire, EXTREMELY to the fact that they couldn't save everybody. That being said, it wasn't as if there was NO WAY to beat the owls, they just ran out of time. IN THIS SCENARIO HOWEVER: there is no way out of this scenario without the deaths of the Dark Knight or hundreds of Gotham's Citizens. Even if he is able to get the genetic code from the spine of the Joker, he is still surrounded by thousands that will tear him apart. However if he can get away, theres still the matter of dispersing the cure to EVERY FRIGGIN PERSON INFECTED. Batman's good, but not good enough to disperse the cure to hundreds in the short amount of time he has.

Reason 2: Everything lines up as TOO Convenient or Irreparable
As mentioned above, there is going to be death...a LOT of much death a good portion of the city is already beyond repair...THE MILITARY WAS JOKERIZED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I've heard of Gotham rising from the ashes, but there has to be PEOPLE for that! Alongside that, our main characters are all suffering or permanently injured. The entire justice league has been jokerized, Commissioner Gordon got an axe to the chest, and Alfred lost his freaking hand! HOW IS ANY OF THIS REPAIRABLE?! Even the side characters are put in situations either convenient or irreparable! Anarky is running through the streets pushing back against the mobs, Batgirl helping Burnside cut off ties to the city(even though she should be going in to help her dad and all!), and the Headmaster of Gotham Academy kicking ass(even though I won't lie, its freaking cool). Of course to top that all off, we see a VERY familiar batman mythos character...looking pretty YOUNG for a guy who murdered the Waynes about 20 or so years ago. Is he like Joker and immortal?!

Reason 3: Batman said it in the beginning
This reason is the reason WHY I'm doing this article in the first place. At the beginning of this entire storyline, we see Batman's end...only to find out this entire scenario was in his head thanks to a scarecrow toxin...he then explains that this toxin makes him SEE HIS DEATH. We see this twice...once fighting aliens, and once fighting Killer Croc, then it just disappears. Why? Maybe it's because he's having one RIGHT NOW. The city is being torn down by his greatest enemy, his secret identity is no longer a secret, Joker has beaten Batman at every turn as well as hurt his greatest allies badly, and many of the citizens have died...this is truly a NIGHTMARE scenario for the caped crusader.

"But what about the tie ins?"

Also in Batman's head! The mind of the dark knight is a wondrous place, and he cares about his city. Bruce would begin to fade away, but then think to himself...How will the people survive this night? Detective Comics Endgame shows how teenagers wearing Joker masks to push through the crowd. Who will protect the children? Gotham Academy showed The Custodian going all Zorro on the baddies. What if it spreads to the outside world? Batgirl is shown blowing up the bridge to Burnside, only assume to do the same to the others.

The theory is just that: A Theory. I noted these things, and I hope you go back and question it as well.
I hope you enjoyed the ramblings from this Weird Scientist, and if theres any theories that you readers at home have on ANYTHING in the dc universe, leave them in the comments below!


  1. I thought he died 4 times? those, then with wonder woman, then superman?

    1. i'll need to go back to double check, but even MORE reason this is a nightmare!

    2. I thought he tricked Wonder Woman into thinking she did that...i'll have to check as well.

    3. He did. He used this really stupid ass pull of a 'inverse rope of lying' that he apparently spent a large fortune obtaining. Honestly, the numbers he was rounding off for the cost of his equipment in that issue would have been impossible to cover up and would have probably bankrupted his company on the spot.

  2. Its certainly not a bad theory. I imagine alot of people would be really ticked off if it was true, but its fairly plausible.
    Though I really hope the academys custodion is in fact that badass.

    1. I hope if my theory is true, that the custodian is truly real rather than imagination.