Monday, April 13, 2015

Weird Thoughts: DC Comics Convergence Event Week One

The first week of the Convergence Event has come and gone and I have to say, I was impressed. While Dan Didio and Geoff Johns loaded up the U-Haul and headed off to Cali, us fans got some damn good stories.  Sure, we also got some not so good ones as well, but the positive really did outweigh the negative. Speaking of negative, if any of you have been listening to our podcast, you know that I'm a Negative Nancy who looks for anything and everything to get upset about. So, as you read this, please remember that I really am happy with how Convergence is going so far.  With that, here are my Weird Thoughts on Convergence: Week One.

1. Telos is a Big, Fat Liar

We don't know too much about Telos so far, but he's either out of touch with what's going on in his domed cities or he is a liar.  I am going with the later.  What am I talking about?  It's his grand speech he broadcasts as the domes all go down.  Actually, it's one phrase in particular:

"I am Telos .  I have tended to your every need."

Really?  Every need?  Is that why Poison Ivy has been working overtime to feed Gotham?  Is that why there is no medicine left for the people who need it?  Is that why the television stations keep running the same reruns?  IS THAT WHY PEOPLE ARE EATING GUINEA PIGS?!?!?  There are so many other examples of how Telos hasn't tended to any needs that it's no wonder that when the domes go down it's a mad dash to get the hell out.  Telos, you are a liar!

2. Some People Prefer Dome Life

This one came out of left field for me.  I figured that all the heroes were going to be waiting in line to get their powers back when the domes went down.  I was wrong.  Some of my favorite stories this week involved characters who preferred the quiet life under the dome.  Of these, Harley Quinn was my favorite.  The dome gave Harley her life back and it was such a joy to see her happy, off her meds and in a steady relationship.  Of course, that all went out the window when Telos hit the switch and lowered the dome.  Now she's got to fight Captain Carrot and is back to being crazy.  Damn.  When this is all over, I suggest that they set up a support group for these heroes...they really need it.

3. The Rules They Are a Changing

This one is actually the one that bothers me.  I am a guy who needs structure.  I need to know how things work and what to expect and unfortunately, I'm a bit confused.  The main rule of Convergence seemed to be that the heroes lost their powers...until I read The Atom.  Sure, his growing hand is hardly "super", but it still seems like a power.  Then there is the way the heroes find out who they will fight.  Some get it spelled out specifically (like in Harley) while others jump to conclusions (like Speed Force) while others just...I'm not sure how they find out.  Sometimes it feels like Telos is talking to the entire city and other times it seems like a direct conversation with a specific hero.  Then there is the way they head to the fight.  Some find their own way while others are teleported.  I know that with the amount of different writers, things are going to be a bit different between books, but it still upsets me.  And don't get me started on the fact that Hawkman and Hawkwoman appeared to get a head start...

4. Earth 2 Society Coming Right Up

I know that this is no big surprise, but Convergence will lead directly into Earth 2 Society.  My guess is that someone (Rip Hunter?  The Time masters?  Someone else?) helps them defeat Telos and go through time to pluck an Earth 2 city from disaster and set it up on another planet...maybe even ours. Oh boy.  As long as Dick Grayson gets his wife, back.  What about your son, Dick?  What about your son?!?!

5. Superheroes Hate Each Other

I guess all it takes for our heroes to abandon each other is to be trapped with each other.  You would think that they would join together to help their cities when the domes went up, but that is not always the case.  Superman doesn't seem to be in contact with Batman, Flash is on his own and Ray Palmer only has the voice in his head to keep him company.  Well, in Ray's case, I can see why they are staying away.  Seriously, if i'm in Gotham and the dome goes up, I'm on the phone with Batman, pronto!

Well, those are my Weird Thoughts about Week One of Convergence.  Like I said at the beginning, I am really having fun with this Event and if each week is as strong as this one,  I will be a happy camper.  See you next week to see if the fun continues.

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