Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Convergence: Harley Quinn #2 (2015) Review

Wabbit Twouble

Written by: Steve Pugh
Art by: Phil Winslade, John Dell and Chris Chuckry
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 6, 2015

The first Convergence issue of Harley Quinn was so good.  Why? Because I said so, but also because
Steve Pugh used the Convergence concept to give readers a Harley that was so un-Harley like that it made me want to cry when the inevitable happened.  You see, life under the Dome was so therapeutic for Harley that she actually was living a nice and satisfying life...she had a boyfriend who didn't want to kill her, she was helping others with their problems, she had a boyfriend who didn't want to kill her (that one's big so I had to mention it twice).  Then the Dome came down and Harley's friends showed up and got her prepared to fight Captain Carrot of all bunnies.  By friends, I mean Poison Ivy and Catwoman and by prepared, I mean injecting her with something (Joker Toxin??) that made her bat shit crazy.  After seeing our girl finally get a fair shake at a normal life, it was devastating.  It was also a cool cliffhanger that had me anticipating this finale.  Does this issue live up to the hype?  Does Harley live happily ever after?  If it's rabbit baby wants, is it rabbit baby gets?  Let's find out...

The issue opens up with some Pig-Iron action and even if you're not a fan of the Zoo Crew (but that's probably not possible), you have to smile.  It's not all for fun, though, because when he runs into Harley, it sets the tone...and cartoon physics that runs throughout the issue.

Harley may be the star of the book, but since this event was announced, everyone from Dan Didio to Jeff King has been pushing one character more than any other in my opinion...Captain Carrot. Again, just seeing the bulked up flying Rabbit is a treat and before he faces Harley, Pugh lets him give everyone a little lesson on his origin, his city and the Zoo Crew.  It may have seemed minor to some, but I really liked it.

Then the fight begins.  Of course, I haven't read all the Convergence finales yet...I don't have a time machine, you know.  However, I will bet that the fight between Harley and Captain Carrot is the most fun of any other Convergence tie-in.  Harley lies about her powerset while Captain Carrot cowers, Harley attempts a Hadouken while Captain Carrot hops...basically both characters are being themselves and it's awesome.  The best part for me, however, was when Harley takes time to make a jab at Animal Man.  Pretty sneaky, Steve.

Throughout the whole fight, I never, ever thought that either character would harm the other, let alone kill them.  While this killed any tension, this fight wasn't about tension.  It was fun.  That's not to say this issue was tension-free, however.  Throughout the whole issue, I just wanted Harley to get the fight done and go back to her quiet life with Louie.  That's not too much to ask, is it?

Well, the fight and the issue ends like most of the other Convergence finales I've read so far...no real resolution to the battle, an earthquake, and some mixed emotions.  Without spoiling the ending too much, I wish it was a little different, but it fit the characters and I was glad to have been able to see it. Steve Pugh did a great job with Harley and by mixing up the formula, giving fans something completely different, yet familiar.

Phil Winslade's cartoony art really fits the story. It was Looney Tunes meets the DCU and what else could you ask for?  Chris Chuckry's colors are also a big part of the fun style that really pushed the fun style of this issue.  In fact, everyone involved should take a bow for the great job they did on both issues.

Bits and Pieces:

This is another example of a Convergence book that better served the character than the Event they were thrown into.  Steve Pugh gets to unleash Harley Quinn and Captain Carrot in an amusement park for a winner takes all battle royale and it's as fun as you'd imagine.  While I wish the ending gave us more of the sane Harley of the first issue, I was just glad to be along for the wacky ride. The art and story were just pure fun and I'd recommend this issue (and the last) to anyone who likes to smile.



  1. I was a huge fan of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew as a kid, but I have a good reason: I was a kid. Still, I was a little saddened by the fight's culmination, and was glad that Pig Iron's death turned out to be a switcheroo. So maybe I'm ready for a new Captain Carrot comic? This was my second-favorite Convergence issue of the week (that I read), after Superman.

    1. third best for me...after Superman and Nightwing/Oracle. I think the "fight" part of these issues have all been dissapointing...I wish there was a differenct way they would have gone about this whole Event.