Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Convergence: Speed Force #2 (2015) Review

Quick to the Door

Written by: Tony Bedard
Art by: Tom Grummett, Sean Parsons and Rain Beredo
Cover Price: $3.99
Release date: May 6, 2015

I mentioned last month that I was not a big Wally West guy.  Nothing against Wally, it's just that I am a Barry Allen man through and through.  However, last month's issue swayed me a bit to the West camp, but it was because of Jai and Iris. They were a load of fun and throwing in Fastback from the Zoo Crew just made it that much better.  The only thing I really didn't like was the ending setting up Flashpoint Wonder Woman as the villain.  Well, now that the finale is here, does the fun continue? Let's find out...

I mentioned last month (and almost every chance I could get since) that Wally West is the worst father in the DCU.  He not only separated his kids and himself from his wife, Linda, but keeps throwing his children into mortal danger.  The best part of this issue is that he fesses up to his awfulness.  The worst part is that that's the best part.

The issue opens with our Speed Force crew facing off against Flashpoint Wonder Woman in Pre- Flashpoint Gotham.  Yes, the setups a bit confusing, but it's also something I never thought it would be...boring.  Wally and Wonder Woman hurl threats and speedy attacks at each other while Fastback takes Jai and Iris to safety...in Flashpoint Gotham?  I'm no genius, but taking the kids to the bloodthirsty city of your enemy is not my idea of safety.

The battle goes back and forth until Wonder Woman pulls out a secret weapon.  I'll admit that the concept behind it is so good, but it doesn't really save things.  While Wally struggles, Fastback's battle in Flashpoint Gotham isn't going much better. Then the fun of the first issue shows up at last and of course it's provided by Jai and Iris.  They tap into the Speed Force and save their turtle friend, but then are teleported back to Pre-Flashpoint Gotham due to their connection with their dad.

They arrive just in time for the Flash/Wonder Woman battle to end so quickly and unsatisfactory that I couldn't believe it.  It seems that all Wally had to do was admit he was a bad father all along and all would be well.  Maybe if he clicks his heels a couple times he can get back to Linda.  The issue ends with the now expected earthquake, Fastback conveniently exiting stage right and Wally promising his children they will see their mother again.  I can't say for sure, but I think he's lying to his children.  Father of the Year he ain't.

I know I've tried, but I can't tell you how upset I was at this issue.  Everything that last issue setup was either ignored or for naught.  Seriously, Fastback seemed to suggest that they would gather an army of Speedsters for the fight but that never happened and Jai and Iris promised so much fun, but were largely ignored until the end.  Instead we got a lackluster fight and a forced ending.  Damn.

Tom Grummett's art was the highlight.  Everything looked good and besides a few confusing transitions, I had no problem with it whatsoever.  I wish I could say more, but I really am at a loss. Brett Booth's cover really kicks some serious ass.

Bits and Pieces:

This book was a major letdown for me.  The setup to this finale was so much fun, but we end up getting a boring fight (or two), an odd moral lesson and a very forced ending.  The art was good, but I can't recommend this book to anyone...even fans who read last month's #1.



  1. Wally is a great father by Flash standards. Remember, Barry allen abandoned his own kids to die in the future so he could relive his glory days in the past. Wally West: will not allow his kids to die. Flash father of the year.

    1. lol...he's the tallest midget in the circus!