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Convergence: Detective Comics #1 (2015) Review

Tale of Two Cities

Written by: Len Wein
Art by: Denys Cowan
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 6, 2015

I have to admit that this book fell off my radar a bit.  I can't really explain why, but I'll blame it on a Convergence overload and the fact that I have the attention span of a goldfish.  However, when I pulled it out to review, I immediately got excited because that's when I remembered that Len Wein wrote it.  His Swamp Thing Convergence issue is still one of my favorites of the event and I was hoping he'd make it two for two here.  While the back page history lesson was a bit jumbled (I guess the copy editors are busy moving), I got up to speed quickly and away I went into yet another reality and another Dome...or two.  Did I enjoy my visit?  Let's find out...

I have to give Len Wein props for going his own route when starting his Convergence issues.  He likes to lay out a little history of the major characters and I loved it.  It only takes a couple of pages, but afterward, I knew enough about Red Son Superman and Earth 2 Huntress and Robin to fill in any blanks I may have had and enjoyed the story.  Plus, I love the way he explains why the later is in Metropolis when the Dome comes down.  Seriously, it's actually refreshing (and hilarious) when Robin says,

After a month of forced explanations, I'm with Robin!  

I have mentioned in my other Convergence reviews that I enjoy the books that show both sides of the fight.  I also enjoy it when the writer gives us a good glimpse of life under the Dome before Telos' inevitable speech.  Len Wein gives us both here...with varying degrees of success.

Red Son Superman's Moscow is not dealing so well under the Dome.  As supplies get scarce, the populace looks to their leader for an answer, but Superman has none.  He's keeping up appearances (in a very Soviet way), but months in, it looks like a revolt could break out any day.  So, he comes up with a plan.  Maybe the worst plan ever!  He tells the citizens that he created the Dome to protect Moscow from an Alien invasion.  Way to put the blame squarely on your non-powered shoulders.

Meanwhile, in Earth 2 Metropolis, Robin and Huntress are dealing with random villains (like Toyman) and arguing about whether Robin should take up the Cowl.  Huntress doesn't like hi hybrid suit, but she should shut her mouth...I love it.

What I didn't love was the constant reminder of Batman being Huntress' father and also being dead.  We got it the first time, we don't need the other thirty.  While I absolutely loved the Red Son Superman part of the story, the Huntress and Robin stuff were forgettable and just filler until the dome comes down...which it does, of course.

When the Dome does come down, we get one of those funky teleportation scenes that usually accompany the non-powered heroes (I guess it's better than pages of them walking through the desert) and Robin and Huntress and a kick ass Batmobile end up in Red Square facing Superman.

enough with the Kansas line...please!

The rest of the issue involves Robin and Superman trying to come up with a mutual agreement, while Huntress tries to blow everything up.  I know that she is impulsive, but jeez!  Even after Robin and Superman shake on it, she speeds off and the issue ends with a crazy cliffhanger that really felt like it could have (should have?) been avoided.

After a strong start and an awesome view of life under the Red Son Dome, this issue kind of fell off a cliff into mediocrity.  The whole Robin/Huntress story was boring, but by the end, it was infuriating as well.  I will be back next month, but mainly to see what happens to Moscow and it's famous leader.

I loved Denys Cowans' art...for the Red Son part of the story.  It really fit the Soviet setting and made those pages come alive.  I can't say the same for Earth 2 Metropolis.  It just felt off and at times even got confusing to follow.  I am never a fan of multiple artists on a book (especially a big Event one like this), but maybe that would have been a good idea here.

Bits and Pieces:

After a strong start, Convergence: Detective Comics ended up being a book that I can only recommend to Red Son fans.  I believe that DC should have made this a Superman book because what we got of Robin and Huntress is both boring and annoying.  The same can be said for the art which fits the Soviet part of the story so much better than the Earth 2 Metropolis bit.  If I didn't have to review it, I'd probably skip next month's finale.


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