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Convergence: Infinity Inc #1 (2015) Review

A Mediocre Issue by Any Other Name...

Written by: Jerry Ordway
Art by: Ben Caldwell
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 29, 2015

As someone who never read any Infinity Inc. before this event, I was a little worried that I wouldn't "get" what's going on.  Of course, I read the back page history of the team and did a bit of homework before tackling the issue, but still, this review is from someone coming in cold.  While that may not be what some of you are looking for, it brings up an important part of this Convergence Event...can these issues win over new fans for some of the more obscure characters and teams?  Unfortunately, the answer here is no.  I'm not saying this is a bad issue...or am I?  Let's find out.

Jerry Ordway is one of the creators of Infinity Inc. so to say he knows the team has me putting on my hat and fake beard and becoming Captain Obvious.  The gangs all here, but sadly, the Dome life hasn't been so kind.  It's not like it's been horrible (except maybe for Brainwave Jr.), it's just kind of boring.  Life has gone on and Infinity Inc. has faded from the collective memory before they even had a chance to shine.

I'll tell you one thing, Jerry Ordway doesn't hold the reader's hand.  He dives right into the story and it's very obvious that this one is mainly for old school fans who have missed their favorite team.

Anyone out there who loves Jade, however, is in for a real treat.  Ordway centers on her and I think it's a good choice.  The issue starts with an (admittedly) heavy-handed scene with Jade acting in the Tempest, goes to her helping out Brainwave Jr. and kicking the asses of a couple of would-be attackers.  When the Dome goes down, I was hoping she would take control, but of course, the Star-Spangled Kid steps to the forefront.  That's when the issue went south for me.

We all know the routine...Telos' speech, see who is fighting who, Dome goes down, attack.  Ordway changes it up a little and sometimes change isn't good.  Infinity Inc. takes off to god knows where to fight god knows who.  I'm glad God knows these things because I was in the dark.  They just head out to take the fight to...them???  Well, where happens to be Atlanta, Georgia and who is Jonah Hex and the most underwhelming bunch of villains this side of the Qwardians.

The fight does begin in this issue, but again, it's more confusing than exciting.  As the two teams faceoff, Centurion blasts Infinity Inc and I guess he hit them...because Jonah says so.  We see the aftermath, but where is the panel showing what happened?  It isn't there.  Hmmm.  The issue ends with Jonah promising death and destruction, but I just want off this crazy ride.

Like I said, Jerry Ordway doesn't hold the reader's hand, but I really could have used a little more information about Jonah Hex and his crew.  We get nothing and since they are the center of the action going forward, I want answers.  Other than that, this was an okay issue that probably will be more appreciated by Infinity inc. fans.  Unfortunately, it didn't win a new one here.

Ben Caldwell's art started off strong and remained pretty good...until the Dome went down.  I don't know what happened, but once the battle started between Hex and Infinity Inc., everything got generic and bland.

Bits and Pieces:

Jerry Ordway tries to resurrect his baby, but I don't think enough to remember or care about the team to get too excited.  Unfortunately, I don't think this issue is gaining any new fans, either.  The story and art are okay, but not enough to get me excited for next month's finale.  This is just another miss in the Convergence Event.


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