Saturday, July 25, 2015

Deathstroke #8 Review

Written by: Tony S. Daniel and James Bonny
Art by: Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea and Tomeu Morey
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 22, 2015

Running to Stand Still

I don't think that it would surprise anybody to say that this book has a major case of style over substance.  Sure, it would take a major feat for any story to top the consistently incredible art that Daniel's puts on display in this series, but the story has lagged far behind.  The first major arc ended with little fanfare and more questions than answers, but I have to admit, this God killer story had me excited from the get go.  The Terminator has killed almost everything and everyone in the DCU, so why not raise the stakes and have him go after a god?!?  While it sounded promising, last month's start was not as great as I was hoping it would be.  The culprit was the story and we had another book that looked great, but not much else.  That is until Wonder Woman showed up and had me excited for this issue.  Did Diana kick the God Killer story into high gear or was I just worshiping false idols? Let's find out...

The issue starts with a little rundown of Slade's major blunder from last month.  He (or maybe just his sword...or both of them) had unwittingly unleashed the god, Lapetus and Wonder Woman doesn't waste time nor words letting him know what an idiot he is.  Seeing these two go at it was pretty cool and I liked their first.  The problem isn't what's being said per se, but the amount of times it's said.  Wonder Woman repeats herself a bit when I'm sure everyone, including Deathstroke, know what's up...Lapetus is a killing machine and he's about to go buck wild.

While this continues, we see Lapetus's spirit gather a body and it was by far the best part of the issue. Parts of different animals are being formed into a god and it set an awesome backdrop to Diana's exposition.  By the way, she is still kicking Deathstroke's ass as well and it takes a former friend of
Slade's to possibly save his life.  I'm sure Deathstroke and Wonder Woman fans alike will enjoy seeing this character.

The issue ends with one of the better uses of the Lasso of Truth I've seen and then Wonder Woman telling Deathstroke to go and try killing Lapetus.  Really?  That's what you've got Wonder Woman? After kicking the crap out of him the whole issue, she just tells him to have at it.  Then we see Lapetus and again, I couldn't wait for next issue.

I'm not lying when I say not much happens in this issue.  Wonder Woman and Deathstroke fight almost the entire time, but the redundant exposition makes it just seem like it's going in (very) slow motion.  The worst thing is, while this is all going on they are allowing Lapetus to slowly create a body and an army to destroy everyone of them.  Not a good plan at all.  Oh well, it ends with such an awesome looking cliffhanger that I almost can overlook a lot of it's flaws...almost.

Tony Daniel sure can draw.  I can't really find any flaws in this issue as far as the art goes.  What else can I say, it looks amazing.

Bits and Pieces:

I am still looking forward to the God Killer story, I just want it to get started.  This issue looks great, but the story stalls until the very last page.  However, it was a kick ass page!  I hope that next issue finally lets the story catch up to the awesome art in this book because when and if that happens, we will have something special on our hands.  This issue isn't that kind of special.



  1. Its sad that wonder woman was portrayed better in a deathstroke comic than her own series :(

  2. Replies
    1. So that Wonder Woman who was wasting time just beating the hell out of Slade and yelling at him over and over again while Lapetus was having his body rebuilt....... that was better than Wonder Woman trying to get clues on who attacked her?

    2. Haha I will admit I just liked how badass she was in death stroke...and I really despise the current finch's run although my little bro enjoys it

    3. I liked them both. I was talking on the podcast about how I've been liking the Finch's run of Wonder Woman since I took over reviewing the book....... which has only been this issue and the last one, but I've still liked it. It seems like Deathstroke and Wonder Woman keep getting better with each issue and I hope that things continue that way.

    4. I liked Finch's first run tbh...I guess I am cranky because I still miss azzarello's run

    5. Meredith Finch is getting better...but I do miss Azzarello's Wonder Woman