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The Fly: Outbreak #2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Oh boy, I can't wait to get back into The Fly: Outbreak in this week's horror/sci-fi filled installment of Just For The Hell of It Mondays.  Since I began reviewing books outside of DC Comics for this segment.......... well, I've gone horror crazy since I finally have a release for my love of the genre and even though I stated already that this is a horror/sci-fi joint, I would still place this series of movies into my horror section of my personal DVD/Blu-ray collection.  Only reason I bring that up is that there's a contention between horror fans as to what qualifies as horror and what doesn't........ such as Sci-Fi and the like and the biggest example of something like this would be a Silence of The Lambs..... or a Jaws.  Both would go under horror in my opinion....... and DO!......... at least in my personal Fortress of Solitude.  What does any of this have to do with this week's JFTHOIM book?  Nothing really, I just wanted to talk some more about horror.  Let's get into this second issue of this sequel to The Fly 2 and see if contradicts the rules that have been established in the films more or if it talks it's way out of it.

Written By: Brandon Seifert
Art By: menton3
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 22, 2015
Publisher: IDW

The Sexiest Damn Disease You've Ever Seen

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It's time to hop into our Telepods and hope to god that we aren't merged together with something terrible.  Knowing me, I'd go in buck ass naked and still have a hair on me from my jerk off cat and even with my new cat powers/transformation, My friends/family would still ridicule me by calling me a pussy......... and then state that them calling me that now has two meanings.......... people are jerks.  Anyway, in the first issue of The Fly: Outbreak, we saw our main character of The Fly 2, Martin Brundle continuing his research in the Telepods by trying to reverse Mr. Bartok's transformation that we saw at the end of the flick, when Martin cured himself of the fly affliction by trading undamaged DNA with his employer and making Mr. Bartok into a disgusting, crawling monster.  It seems that Martin might be working too much though because the young genius accidentally amped up the Fly DNA in Bartok, making him a full blown fly monster........ that the building's security quickly killed.  As it turns out though, the rules of this world are slightly different than we remembered them from the movies and now, contact with a fly monster or it's blood can cause people to turn into fly monsters themselves.............LOOK MA, NO TELEPODS!  With a bunch of possibly infected people around, Bartok Industries quarantines the lot of them until they'll be forced to put them down or until Martin finds a cure to the "disease" that his father started.  Let's check out this issue and see how quarantined life is treating everyone.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with us getting a little background in what happened last issue, in the movie that proceeded this series and how we'll move forward from there.  Martin is quarantined with the rest of the possible infected and it's up to him to find a cure and thanks to his dialog with his assistant we find out that if anyone has the "transgenic infection", the symptoms would probably manifest the way his father, Seth Brundle's symptoms appeared.  First they would grow course fly hairs in open wounds, then a little mania/insomnia/euphoria with a boost of energy and let's not forget the hypersexuality.  This part is pretty cool even if I don't agree with the way that people are becoming flies because as Martin is running through the symptoms, we see different people experiencing said symptoms and even getting their freak on........ which somebody doing that in a "who has the disease" type scenario is just bound to be infected.  After running through the list of symptoms, Martin almost forgets to add "Superpowers" to it because as anyone who has seen The Fly can tell you, Jeff Goldblum gets super strength, agility, stamina and can even climb up walls.  So I guess you can call this stage of the disease the sexy fun part because after that it all goes downhill as you start transforming and with everyone all worried about getting a beach body, becoming a fly is bound to ruin your summer plans.

I dig the narrative of this book because as we run through it we see a jump in the amount of days that these people have been quarantined and with each jump we see people becoming more and more irritable and down right pissed at Martin for his scientific fuck up.  After seeing one of the quarantined folk actually picking up a cafeteria table and chucking it at Martin, the book becomes........sexually weird?  You see, Martin has been able to "hack" his computer and use it to communicate with his wife Beth and after Martin explains to her how crazy things are getting, she decides to strip down and start pleasuring herself with a vibrator....... because that's what you do when your life partner is quarantined and possibly infected with a disease that turns you into a fly.........masturbate.  If that wasn't enough sex for the sake of sex, we then have Martin's former assistant come in all sexed up and ready to go, even though Martin already explained the symptoms to her.  

In the end, Martin's assistant, Noelani gets all sexed up cock crazy and if Martin won't give her what she wants willingly, she's going to take it by force.  Only thing that saved him was taking a ripped out power cord to her chest, shocking the sex and consciousness right out of her.  As our issue closes, we see Martin talking to Beth via Skype again, but this time all the diddling is put on hold as Martin tells her that he can't be wanking off all the time at the computer if he's going to save everyone and decides that until he finds a cure, he can't talk to Beth anymore.  

That's it for this issue of The Fly: Outlbreak and initially I really started to dig this book even with my problems on how people are becoming flies and then out of nowhere the whole book became all about sex and it really threw me out of the story.  Random people are having sex, Beth is doing the equivalent of sexting on Skype...........which for someone who lived above a porn shop for five years in his twenties, I'm shocked that I don't know a name for this and Martin's assistant is even trying to rape him.  I know that the first and last example are at least part of the plot, but what's with making Beth so fetishy in this story?  Nothing from the movies made me think that and in the first issue we had bondage and ball gags and here we had vibrators and voyeurism.  It's just odd and doesn't add anything to the story.  It's funny though, even with my problems with all the sex in this book and how I can't get behind how people are becoming flies, I kind of like this issue better than the first because at least we're getting to the main plot and the book is amping up the drama by showing that people are actually infected on this quarantined island and that Martin could be in serious danger besides that because everyone seems to hate his experimenting ass.  Like the last issue, the art in this book is great and really adds to this being a sequel to the Fly series by it's style of really making the characters look like the actors that played them.  Yeah, that means that the backgrounds are a little dull, which usually irks me a bit, but here it works and I can really get behind it.

Bits and Pieces:

While initially I thought that this issue would really grab me and make me a fan of the series, after it became over sexualized where it served no purpose and my continued frustration with the continuity from the movies being changed, this is still just a so-so book that can only be enjoyed by fans of the film series and that's only if you're not continuity crazy.......which happens.  The only real praise that I can give to this issue was the narrative style that we saw in the beginning of the book and the art, that just makes you feel like you're actually seeing a proper continuation to the film series.  Hopefully we see some real improvements to the story because this is something that I would really like to be into.


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