Friday, July 24, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: DC/Marvel Team Ups I Would Like To See

Last week, The twelfth film of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man, was released and it made me think of the rival company. If you couldn't add two and two together, I'm a huge DC fan, but that doesn't mean I HATE Marvel. If we truly 100% hated Marvel, DC would have nothing to stride towards. They are like Sinestro and Hal Jordan (or for you Marvel fans Prof. X and Magneto), equals who need the other to truly be their rival to try and best. In honor of that rivalry, this weeks top 5 is going to be what I think would make interesting cross company team ups. Enough babbling, LETS BEGIN!

5: Wildcat/Daredevil: In the Ring

Whenever I talk to friends about cross company team ups, its usually Batman being teamed up with Daredevil, to which I ask how are they similar? Batman travels the world as a detective, Daredevil isn't as deductive as him. Batman has morals that stop him, Daredevil isn't afraid to push the line. Batman has lived a lavish lifestyle, Daredevil grew up poor with a boxer of a father. There is really nothing connecting the Worlds Greatest Detective to the Devil of Hell's Kitchen...but maybe another Boxer could understand him more...
Enter Wildcat. As we see in boxing movies like Rocky, there is a special bond between certain boxers. They can be brutal rivals or the best of friends. These heroes both have their boxing backgrounds that they can equally put their trust into one another. The pair can be brutal badasses making sure a deal between the Kingpin and Black Mask falls through, or protect politicians from assassin pairings such as Deadshot and Bullseye.
In comparison to most, I feel this duo could be a real threat on the streets for crime, and an epic vigilante book to read.

4: Green Lantern/Nova: For the Corps

When I think copycat characters from Marvel, I never thought that they could possibly have an equal to the Green Lantern Corps. That is of course before I saw a character wearing a golden helmet named Nova. He was from earth and would travel across the galaxy saving worlds....just like Green Lantern...He was also considered a loose Hal Jordan...Well at least he didn't have a whole intergalactic corps of them...Actually it turns out there was that too! Both corps are protectors, or space cops if you really want to get technical, of the universe, rely on energy attacks to beat down their foes...also they apparently both have living planets as corps. members so that is also a thing.
The Nova Corps and The Green Lantern Corps could be allies in a galactic esque conflict that requires them both. An example of this could be Brainiac, or Galactus...or Galactiac (Yes, that is actually a thing, look it up) that needs to be shut down, or else the universe is at stake. On the other hand, it could be a massive battle between the green light and the gold helmets to see who has the right to protect the galaxy.
This amazing team up could be an amazing sci-fi war of epic proportions.

3: Wonder Woman/Thor: Blood and Thunder

Wonder Woman may not have been a god before the New 52, but she has been considered an equal to the fellow gods for a long time now. She's battled Ares, Zeus, and their spawn for over 70 years. On the flip side, Thor has been smashing all forms of Norse mythological beings for over 50 years, and has swung Mjolnir into our hearts with the Avengers Movies.Maybe it's time for DC's God to team up with Marvel's in a team up of legend.
Despite her being the hero that promotes the most peace between all nations, Wonder Woman has never been one to back down from an all out brawl. The difference between her and Thor however is that while she fights to defend herself from harm, Thor seeks it, and has a blast while doing it. This could have him inadvertently release a monster/villain that could cause a massive danger to the earth, such as the First-Born, or the Frost Giants...OR BOTH! Soon it would be apparent that it would need more than just the God of War or the God of Thunder. They would realize they needed to be what they were at their core. Not blood thirsty warriors, not all powerful gods...but heroes to Earth (or Midgard).

2: Flash/Quicksilver: A Tale of Two Speedsters

Out of every character pairing on this list, these two have the more likely potential to have a team-up than most. As shown in the Multiversity, every earth has a speedster that connects its Earth to the comic multiverse. Marvel was shown to actually existing in said multiverse, granted and analog of it, so that would mean a Quicksilver would have to exist as well. It would be so simple as to just have them accidentally run into one another during a multiversal hop.
Another great thing that could come from this team-up is the fact that it can go anywhere in space and time. They could knock each other off course and end up in the dark desolate future like Old Man Logan(for you Marvel fans) or Future's End. They could end up fighting old versions of Grodd or a young Zoom depending on how far the bump took them. If the writers wanted it to be more silly, have them just end up in each other's worlds. Despite both able to joke at most situations, they both come from worlds very different. While Quicksilver comes from a world where his kind are seen as freaks but the bad guys were simple to beat, Flash comes from an accepting populace but villains who can attack at anytime and can beat down a speedster in a heart beat. This pair could lead to a story that defines the good and bad of both DC and Marvel's worlds. Just like...

1: Deathstroke/Deadpool: Super Wilson Cousins

In DC's corner we have a mercenary who has a backstory of being a soldier, an experiment, and drama with two samurai swords and one bad ass eye. In Marvel's we have a mercenary who has a backstory of being a soldier, an experiment, and comedy with two samurai swords and the power of breaking the fourth wall. Together, they can become one of the deadliest, and potentially funniest team-ups ever.
Whenever I compare DC and Marvel to my non comic reading friends, I end up always going to these two as the prime example. DC wants to tell stories that can be taken seriously and entertain its readers, like that dark and gritty Deathstroke. Marvel wants to entertain its readers of all ages, ready to dish out some funny moments and badass action, such as Deadpool. Now I'm not saying each company can't do the other's kind of story telling but its usually been like that.
I still try and imagine what would happen if these two were either pitted against one another, or have to team up to take out a target. While Deathstroke prepares to line up the shot, he looks down the scope to see Deadpool looking back the other end and offering a chimichanga. Its ridiculous moments like that that make me think Deathstroke might stab him, not to kill him, just so he can feel better.
If these two can just get a miniseries together, I could leave comics on a happy note...not really but man would it be fun!

That's it for this weeks top 5! What team up do you want to see? Are you a Marvel or a DC fan, or are you like the little girl from the taco shell commercial and say...


  1. #1 reminds me of a bad joke that i made on tumblr a long time ago:

    Where do you go to do the Deathstroke? In a Deadpool

  2. Nightwing/Spider-Man only for them to spend the entire issue in a bar crying over losing their favourite redheads

  3. They're inspirations not copycats

    1. Apologies i meant no disrespect. but sometimes there are ones that are pretty close in design and it makes them look like copycats*coughs*DarkseidThanos

  4. Later came the New Mutants with more youthful characters having freak abilities that occasionally appeared to have them (the main kind of comic book story I don't like).