Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Grayson #10 Review

Written by: Tom King and Tim Seeley
Art by: Mikel Janin and Jeromy Cox
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 22, 2015

Killer Issue

I like plenty of things in this crazy little thing called life.  Chicken fried steak, long walks in the park and...actually, I'm a miserable guy that doesn't take pleasure in much at all.  One thing I really don't care for is the spy genre in entertainment.  The closest I get to enjoying anything spy related (and yes, this includes James Bond) is Get Smart and who doesn't enjoy the antics of Agent 86?  You know what I'm saying?  Get Smart?  Oh well, the reason I'm bringing all this up is because I should not enjoy Grayson.  I was pissed off when Nightwing got cancelled and even said I'd boycott this book before it was released.  Of course, I was forced to read and review it by the higher ups here at Weird Science and the rest is history.  Grayson now sits at the top of my favorites list and Agent 36 is sitting next to Don Adams as the greatest spies according to Jim Werner.  Last issue continued the greatness and while I was expecting a little bit more new reader friendliness for the start of the DC You, it was a great issue for those who have been reading since it launched.  Dick was at his best, wooing the ladies and getting away by the skin of his rock hard butt cheeks.  However, he may be guilty of multiple murders and is leaving bodies and making enemies everywhere he goes.  Does this issue give us some answers and continue the greatness?  Let's find out...

This issue opens up with the most straight forward, to the point opener this book has seen since it's launch.  No delivering babies in a helicopter crashing in a desert here and I have to admit, it threw me off a bit.  I can't be the only fan out there that can't wait to see what kind of craziness opens each month's issue, but there is also something to be said for recapping and explaining things as the issue begins.  Because of that, this issue is a bit more newbie friendly, but don't worry, King and Seeley still have plenty of crazy fun in store.

The opener establishes a couple of things...I'm not the only one mesmerized by Dick Grayson's butt cheeks and Agent 1 ended up escaping and is hell bent with finding Dick.  While the first part was thrown in as a running joke, the second part sets up a great story gong forward.  Agent 1 never liked Dick anyway and now he wants his blood and is questioning Helena's affection for him.  He's right to do so since it's obvious she does care for Grayson, but Agent 1 is a team player and accepts his new mission instead of going after Dick himself.  By the end of the issue, I'm not sure this was setup to have him killed.

We then have a freaky scene that continues to give us a little peek behind the Spyral curtain and while there is no man to ignore, there is a weird looking trio working the Spyral machine.  As of now, I still trust Helena, but this scene has me wondering about her true role more than ever.

We then head to Corsica where Dick meets up with the contact in regards to the kryptonite necklace he "acquired" last issue.  If you looked at the cover, read the solicit or just thought a little about it, you won't be shocked that the contact is Lex Luthor.  Dick must not have done any of the above because he is very, very, very shocked.  He doesn't believe Lex and what follows is the best dialogue this book has ever had.  Tom King nails both Dick and Lex as they verbally spar with each other.  I loved this scene because it really reminds you that even if Dick is a super spy that seems to always be calm, cool and sexy, he still is just a young man in a bit over his head.  The reason Lex is involved makes complete sense when it comes to the shady dealings of Spyral and Lex even demonstrates the reason he's there.  I hope we see more of Luthoir in this book and I would not be upset in the least if he is the way Dick eventually gets out of Spyral.  They are awesome together, especially with their crazy past.

The issue ends with Dick heading off to find Agent 1, but the turbaned Agent possibly face-to-face with the mysterious killer.  Just wait until you see who it is...or isn't...or is.  Seriously, my head is spinning a bit.

I loved this issue.  We get some more information about Spyral and the more we learn, the less I like them.  They may not be a problem soon because they really seem to be falling apart at the seams and it's obvious that Helena has bitten off more than she can chew.  Then there is the ongoing mystery of the spy killer and while we see a face this issue, it only widens the mystery.  Man, I'm having so much fun reading this series.

A huge reason this series is so good is the art team of Mikel Janin and Jeromy Cox.  The more realistic style that Janin gives this book is awesome and just feels right, but it's the panels that get trippy that I love the most.  Cox's color work is great as well and every issue has at least one panel that I can stare at just for the colors.  This issue has at least three.

Bits and Pieces:

Grayson is my favorite comic book on the shelves today and this issue only solidifies that fact.  While we are given a huge cliffhanger on the continuing murder mystery setup last issue, we also get some information on Spyral and an awesome guest star...Lex Luthor.  The interaction between Dick and Lex was so great, I want a teamup book right now.  The story and art in this issue is top of the line and combine into a must read book for anyone who's a fan of comics.  I may be a fanboy and certainly sound like on in this blurb, but this book deserves all the attention it gets and more...much more.  Highly recommended.