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DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 8/22/15

As Aaron Lewis once sang to the masses, it's been a while since I have put together a best covers article on the site.  I'd like to point to numerous reasons for the long delay, but there really is one culprit...our weekly podcast.  My weekends are now so full with the preparation, then recording, then editing and finally releasing of said podcast, that I really don't have a ton of time to do the other things I like.  Things like spending time with my family, showering and yes, putting out the Best Covers of the Week.  However, going forward I am going to try real hard to at least shower and then maybe add in the Best Covers of the Week to the site.  So, here I go with what I hope is the (re)start of something cool.

Cover of the Week

Batman: Arkham Knight #27 (Francis Manapul)

This being the Cover of the Week is kind of a statement I'd like to make about this book and of course, the cover as well.  The Arkham Knight book has been kicking ass since it started up and I don't care if it's "only" a digital first title, it is awesome.  I have always had a digital first title near the top of my pull list and this one is just the latest in a long line that includes Smallville, Batman Beyond 2.0, The Adventures of Superman and more.  As far as the cover goes, Francis Manapul's action packed depiction of Tim Drake fighting Bane and Clayface simultaneously is stunning to say the least and really gets the reader pumped up for what's of my favorite issues in quite some time.  Do yourself a favor and grab this issue digitally or wait for the print version to hit the shelves or do what I do...grab both.  My review for the issue is HERE.

Runners Up

Doctor Fate #3 (Sonny Liew)

While I can't count myself as a huge fan of this new Doctor Fate, I do love this cover.  If the job if hte cover is to make you stop and take notice then mission accomplished Mr. Liew.  It's like a perverted water color that looks awesomely grotesque while remaining pretty simple.  Unfortunately for Khalid's father, Muhammed, this cover depicts exactly what is happening in the issue itself.  Like he said in the issue, "...who has ever heard of a blind cab driver!"  I hope things get better for him soon, because he is one of the few characters in the book that I like...including his hoodie wearing son. Eric's review for the issue is HERE,

Black Canary #3 (Annie Wu and Dave Bullock Variant)

In the past, if I like both the main cover and the variant, I would list them separately, but I'm going to lump them into one entry here.  Why?  Because I feel like it and also because I like them both equally.  Annie Wu's cover is great because it gives you exactly what you get in the issue itself...Annie Wu's awesome art.  It's no secret that I love this book and Annie's art is at least half of the reason why.  I can't get enough of it, so it;s great to have it on the cover as well.  The variant by Dave Bullock is above all, a great cover for fans of the character Black Canary and the Canary Cry.  In an issue that features the crazy, awesome origin of the Cry, Bullock gives us what I like to say is the origin of the Black Canary logo.  It's a case of supersymmetry that would make Stephen Hawking proud.  My review for the issue is HERE

Robin: Son of Batman #3 (Dustin Nguyen Variant)

It feels odd to praise a cover for this book that isn't Patrick Gleason's, but something about this Dustin Nguyen cover makes it stick out for me.  That something would be "Lil Gotham" and this cover makes me think of and wish for more of Nguyen's all ages comic that I loved so much.  Sadly, I won't be getting what I wish for, but I'll always have this cover...and Paris.  Eric's review for the issue is HERE

Justice League #43 
(Emanuela Luppacchino and Tomeu Morey Bombshell Variant)

I wanted to include at least one of the August Bombshell variant covers and I lucked out that this is my favorite one so far.  While it may not be flashy, it goes above and beyond the Bombshell concept to give us three of the best characters in the DCU. Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Mera...what more could you ask for?  I know what, Emanuela Luppacchino drawing them with colors by Tomeu Morey. I want this poster on my wall right now!  Eric's review or the issue is HERE

Well, that's it for this week.  I'm sure that I have already pissed off a bunch of people with my picks, but as Lesley Gore sang way back in 1965, "It's my Best Covers of the Week column and I'll cry if I want to".  I never really understood the meaning of that song until this very moment.  Thank you Lesley, you truly are an angel to me.

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