Friday, August 28, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: DC You Titles YOU Should Be Supporting!

Welcome back to another Top 5 Friday!  If you haven't seen the recent article on DC's July sales (click here if you want to), then you have seen the sales have been pretty bad, especially with the newer titles.  This makes me sad, as there are actually some gems in that pile.  That's why on this week's Top 5, I'm going to run down the DC You series that I think you should be supporting!  This list will not include any series that are still running from the New 52, such as Batman and Superman, because those have a smaller chance of being cancelled.  ENOUGH TALK!  Let's begin!

5: Doctor Fate/Doomed

Despite Eric's dislike, I personally enjoy Doctor Fate for a similar reason why I like Doomed.  Both these characters have had long histories, and with the DC You they get a new look or story for them. We have seen Doctor Fate always as the all knowing, all powerful master of magic, so is it really so bad to see him inexperienced?  To see the boy under the mask trying to not only figure out this new power, but how it will effect his life, which when he's a medical student is a whole different kind of beast?  The same goes for Doomed. Despite being called Doomsday, this isn't the monster that killed Superman.  It's a kid trying to figure out his life and how to hide this huge secret without destroying the city with it.  Both series are great and deserve a chance to be read.

4: We are Robin

Why should you get this book when doesn't have any of the original Robins in it?  Well, if you read Eric's reviews on the series, it has become a surprising title in the line up.  For me, the reason of it being so interesting is the setting around it.  This takes place after the Endgame event and it shows the repercussions of what the attack actually did.  It left people missing, more frequent riots and caused someone to start pulling the strings to create protectors again.  Yes, there is a new Batman, but the fact that it works by the rules of police greatly hinders him.......  We don't need Robocop!  Gotham has always been turned into a city of vigilantes so obviously, it needs vigilantes to protect it.  That's where the Robins come in.  Despite them being in over their heads, it's good to see that the outcome of Endgame didn't just bring sadness to Gotham's citizens, but also new heroes to help protect it, without needing the Bat.  Sure I want to see these Robins team up with Batman, but even if that doesn't happen, it's no reason to not pick up this book.

3: Earth 2 Society

Once upon a time, I tried to explain to my non-comic reading friends the wonders of the Multiverse.  Those friends said that a series on a different Earth would be too complicated.... but then they read Earth 2.  For 26 issues, the story of Earth 2 became so much more interesting than Earth Prime and we thought it would never go bad...then World's End happened... The series took a turn, which lead to the destruction of not just the planet, but the series... When Society was announced, I was afraid it was just going to be the sequel to the poor taste that World's End left, especially since Alan Scott, one of my favorite characters of all time, was still going Doctor Manhattan on us.  When I read it though...I felt hope again.  Hope that Earth 2 (the series, not the planet) could exist again.  These weren't heroes trying to stop a world ending crisis, but trying to stop the bad that so wrong, wanting heroes to fight villains, rather than trying to stop the apocalypse from happening on a daily basis?  I don't want that chance of rebirth to end, so support this book and get Earth 2 back!

2: Omega Men

When I first saw this team, I instantly thought it was some kind of Guardians of the Galaxy rip off.  We have a human looking leader, a woman warrior, Drax and Rocket could fuse to equal Tigorr AND THE BIGGEST GUY'S NAME IS BROOT!  I was expecting a jokey space adventure... then the story told me to shut up by ripping out Kyle Rayner's throat...well then.  In all seriousness though, this book is amazing!  It is without a doubt one of the darker comics in the DC You line up, but also one of the cooler concepts as well.  This series sets up an entire universe and lore behind it in the first few issues and makes us continue wanting to learn what's coming by teasing at the true intent of the Omega Men.  They claim to be heroes, yet they kill and commit crimes to strike fear into the Viceroy's people.  I want to see what empires this team can topple, but that can't happen if it doesn't get support!

Honorable Mention: BIZARRO

This book is funny... Legitimately funny.  It has some brow raising humor, but it's usually pretty clean.  It makes me smile and I'm not afraid to show this to my younger brother or sister.  When the DC You was first announced, DC claimed that the point of the new launch was to create a wide variety of comics to net in new readers.  THIS is an example of what I believe they were going for.  This is a book that is unique to the other books on this list, in it's attempt to be family friendly and funny.  We've had funny books before, but I have never actually read one that I could sit and read with my siblings.  The only reason why this book isn't on the actual list is because of the fact it is a mini series...but  man, I would love to have it as a full one.

1: Martian Manhunter

I bring you the comic that told every writer on this site to shut the hell up because holy crap, this book is the best of the DC You line up.  This book brings suspense, action, drama, ALIENS and emotions to the usually dry Manhunter.  This book has brought my interest of J'onn J'onnz back to life in the form of this awesome alien invasion story.  It keeps you intrigued every step of the way thanks to the plot and setting set up by Rob Williams.  I MEAN HE HAS SUCH CONFIDENCE IN HIS STORY THAT HE KILLED OFF THE MAIN CHARACTER IN THE SECOND ISSUE!  The moment that happened, it literally jumped past Action Comics and Batman on my Pull List.  Yes, the Martian actually overtook my love of Batman and Superman to be the comic I keep waiting for.  This book has not disappointed, it's made Martian Manhunter more interesting than ever and has a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  If you haven't already, I'm ordering you to get the run so far, sneak peek included and you will not be disappointed either.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday!  Now as DC explained, DC You is meant to be for a wider audience demographic, so these are based on what I find interesting.  If you like Rock and Roll, try Black Canary.  Like Political Satire?  Try Prez.  So faithful readers, what DC You series have you enjoyed so far?  Leave a comment, see you next week and get to supporting!


  1. Lets see...Doomed has been fun, though im honestly more interested in Alpha Centurion right now.
    Dr Fate is a favorite character of mine, though this book has been a bit slow. It reminds me of when Justice League United which just dragged its feet. I expect it will jump in quality after this storyline but geez, is it being slow right now.
    Prez is on my pull list. Its incredibly awesome.
    Bizarro which is the funniest book in stands.
    Gotham Academy which is a real treat for me to read ^^
    I also follow Batgirl, Grayson, Starfire and Justice League United, though to a lesser degree.

    Personally, im a big fan of books that are less bloody and violent. Preferring books that are more fun and colorful.

  2. I need to check out Martian Manhunter, you guys are talking it up too much!

  3. Who would have guessed that Martian Manhunter would be the most interesting book out right now, not me. MM was my favorite Justice Leaguer as a kid. He is just as powerful as superman but also has more abilities (mental powers, shape shifting, etc...). I've wanted a MM story for a very very long time and this one is a freaking pleasant surprise. Pick it up Reg, you won't be disappointed!

    1. agreed...except that before this book, I hated Martian manhunter and his jerk off face. I guess that shows how good it is because I love it.

    2. Or perhaps you only imagined you hated MM cuz he put the thoughts there :P

  4. I'm in full agreement on MARTIAN MANHUNTER being the best thing to come out of DCYou.

    In fact, the list is pretty close to my taste except: In 5th, I'd replace DOOMED/FATE with BLACK CANARY and, in 2nd, I'd have to go with MIDNIGHTER...finally, a book that portrays him as something other than "Batman...but gay".