Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Injustice: Year Four #17 Review

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Xermanico and Rex Lokus
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: August 25, 2015

No Chicken of the Sea Here

Year Four of Injustice has been so up and down that I would think it's getting dizzy by now.  I don't know about you, but I have not been a big fan recently and I think it's actually because of the thing I was most looking forward to...the Gods themselves.  Growing up, I was a huge mythology nerd, so the thought of them standing with and fighting against my favorite comic book heroes sounded awesome.  Unfortunately, the reality hasn't been so great.  The whole dynamic just feels off and seems forced in for this "Year" before we move on with Year Five's finale.  Like I said, though, there has been some "ups" along the way and it usually involves some bash-em up action.  So, which direction did this issue go?  Let's find out...

This week's issue opens with my favorite character in the book heading to her final resting place.  Yes, it's Harley and she is traveling to the Olympian underworld and while her character was better than usual, this scene felt odd.  It's not just who she is traveling to Tartarus with, but why she is there in the first place.  Is it because Zeus killed her?  Did Zeus actually banish her there instead of killing her?   I want answers.

We then head to Themyscira that was about to be consumed by a giant wave in last week's cliffhanger.  Everything pointed to Poseidon being responsible, especially after Ares pretty much told him to get the God of the Sea involved.  Guess what?  It was Poseidon and while I wish there was a little more surprise and intrigue involved, he and the scene were both pretty cool.  He pauses the wave just before it hits the island and then stands like the badass he is and argues about the Greek gods (and Zeus in particular) being involved in this war.  It's weird coming from a god who is getting involved, but I'll go with it because I agree with him.

The argument is cut short as Eros and Hermes get knocked out of the sky by a heat vision blast.  Yep, Superman is in the house and Wonder Woman is none too pleased.  As she argues with Clark about putting the Amazons in harms way, Batman gets on the phone to Atlantis.  Aquaman takes the call, but I guess being the butt of all those jokes over the years has taken a toll and he doesn't want any parts of this battle...for now.  I say for now, because after a crazy series of events and some more badassery, this time by Atlas, it looks like Aquaman and Mera are now officially involved in Injustice.

Okay, I love what the end result of this issue brings...Aquaman.  In fact, having Mera in this book may be even better to me, but having Arthur join in opens up so much.  It doesn't hurt that I'm a huge fan of the character as well.  I can's say I loved what lead up to the cliffhanger, but I guess it was all a means to an end.  A very forced feeling means, however.

I always like Xermanico's art and this issue is no exception.  Everything looks great and he really steps it up when the gods are involved.  My favorite part art wise was actually my least favorite part story wise...the beginning in the Greek Underworld.  It looked awesomely gruesome and ominous.

Bits and Pieces:

I love the result of this issue, but the journey was a bit rough.  While I loved the idea of the Greek gods fully becoming involved in Injustice, the reality of it has been a bit off.  That continues this week as we get some odd scenes that feel forced and/or unnecessary.  Like I said, however, I love how the issue ended and can't wait for next week and how it changes things going forward.


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