Thursday, August 27, 2015

Justice League 3001 #3 Review

Written by: J.M. Dematteis and Keith Giffen
Art by: Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 27, 2015

Super Buddies for Life

Justice League Three Thousand and whatever number you want to insert in has been one of my favorite books since it launched way back during the crusty old days of the New 52.  I won't say it's a guilty pleasure because while it's a pleasure to read, nobody on this end feels guilty in the slightest. Instead, I've done my best to shout from every roof and mountain top to get people to read this book. Is it because J.M. DeMatteis promised me the spare change he found in his couch cushions? No. Does Howard Porter take me to Sizzler every Friday Night for Steak and Unlimited Shrimp?  Boy, I wish and don't get me started with what I heard Keith Giffen does because the answer is a big, fat NO!  The reason I've pushed this book on the unsuspecting masses is's damn good.  It's a cool mix of humor, action and intrigue and it's position just outside the rest of the DCU (DC You?) gives it an all bets are off kind of vibe.  Seriously, you never know what's going to happen and even as you say "Oh no they didn't", they already did, girlfriend.  Now that's my kind of party.   So, what craziness happens this month and is it worth the price of admission (which is somewhere between the cushion change and a Sizzler meal)?  Let's find out...

The issue opens on Woodin Twelve as the Justice League figures things out and tries to clean up,  Starro explains that getting rid of his "governing: is the reverse of introducing rabbits to Australia...Woodin Twelve is way better with Starro's control.  I am not sure I agree fully, but it's a great couple of pages to get readers back in the swing of things and remind us all how horrible this future really is.

Back on Camelot Nine, we are also reminded of how horrible Superman is.  The newly thawed out Supergirl can't believe this big headed jerk is her cousin and Superman does nothing at all to change her mind.  I really was hoping we'd get more of Supergirl this issue.  It's not just that she is one of my favorite characters, but this book hits a high note anytime someone from the Justice League's past has to deal with this new status quo.  What we do get is a future Batman who wants his best friend back. Unfortunately, this just isn't him...yet.

Speaking of not being one's self, the book peeks in on Ariel Masters and Guy Gardner.  Of course, Ariel is actually Lois Lane and Guy Gardner is a "smokin' hot babe" (his words, not mine).  It's decided that Guy has to babysit the embedded Starro Consciousness since he (she) was the one that caused the majority of trouble on Woodin Twelve.  Guy is none too happy, but Ariel/Lois is plain old depressed...about being Ariel, but mostly because the Justice League is still alive.

We then cut to Earth, or Takron -Galtos as it's now known, to see Clark and Bruce having a private chat, but more importantly the Super Buddies.  Well, maybe not more importantly, but a hell of a lot of fun.  First things first, while Superman is a big moron in this book, Batman has slowly been getting back up to speed and while he may not yet be the "World's Greatest Detective", he's at least the "World's pretty smart guy with a hunch".  While the reader already knows the what's what, give Bruce credit for figuring out that Ariel isn't who she pretends to be.  Also give Superman credit for again making me laugh.  When will he finally remember he can't fly?  Probably right after he figures out how to do it.

We finally get to my favorite superhero team of all time...the Super Buddies!  It's Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire and Ice, Flash (?!) and Hal Jordan (?!?!).  The only thing that could be cooler would be having them fight a Giant Turtle Jimmy Olsen, right?  Right, but it just doesn't happen here.  At least not enough.  I really was looking forward to a bunch of Turtle Jimmy moments, but his part is over before it really starts.  It's a shame because he looks awesome.  Yell it with me, "More Turtle Jimmy".

The issue ends with Batman trying to help, but walking into one crazy ass reveal, and some girl talk between Guy and Wonder Woman and Supergirl and Terri Flash.  The Batman part should be where this book is heading plot wise and I hope Giffen and DeMatteis give it to us slow and low (that is the tempo).

I loved everything in this issue, though I wish we got more.  More Supergirl, more Turtle Jimmy and more Super Buddies.  I so want Booster and Beetle to interact with Bruce and Clark and while they had their chance this month, they declined.  Why must you tease us like that?!?  At the end of the day, this issue continues trying to get new readers up to speed while setting up a whole bunch of messy things.  Lois is the key to the story and the sooner she is revealed/reveals herself, the sooner we can get on with the main story.  I can't wait.

Howard Porter may not be my Friday dinner pal, but he is one of my favorite artists in all of comics. Combine that with Hi-Fi's awesome and vibrant colors and you get a book that I love just looking at. If I had to nitpick, though, I did have a couple of moments where I got confused between Ariel/Lois and Guy Gardner.  It only took me minutes to sort through things and I was back in the saddle again.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue had almost everything, I just wish we spent more time with the best parts.  The main draw of Turtle Jimmy Olsen never really developed and Supergirl continues to just stand around looking bored.  However, I loved the interaction between Bruce and Clark, Guy and Diana and Flash and Supergirl.  Then there was my favorite part of all...the Super Buddies!  I want more Super Buddies now!  While the story was mostly setup, it was still great fun and the art was kick ass as usual.  I hope more people jump on the JL 3001 trolley, because I want to stay on for the ride.


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  1. This issue was a huge tease but well worth it. Did you see the Digby nod on Earth... err I mean Takron-Galtos.