Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DC Comics: Bombshells #7 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Marguerite Bennett
Art By: Gary Brown, Doug Garbark, Wes Abbott

Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: September 5, 2015


*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

In the previous issue of DC Comics: Bombshells, we were introduced to a few more characters that
want to see the Nazis suck it........ well, except for Joker's Daughter, she seems more interested in keeping Zatanna prisoner by blackmail because she knows that Zatanna is a Jew and as you can probably imagine....... it's just not the best place or time to be a Jew.  So yeah, we've got Joker's Daughter, Zatanna and also Constantine who was outed as a double agent and then turned into a bunny.... yeah, it's kind of silly but I'm sure it will all be pinatas and RC Cola by the end..... So let's jump into this issue and continue our journey with these characters and find out what scheme Joker's Daughter is running with the Nazis.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with some sort of terrible black magic that demands blood.  I guess if all those Nazi soldiers who were singing and carrying on in the previous issue knew that it was their blood that was required, they might not have been so damn jolly when they entered Joker's Daughter's Cabaret........ or they knew what they were getting into and were all about taking part in a blood sacrifice...  they're Nazis, nothing they do makes sense.  So after getting bags over their heads and then their throats slit over a stone kiddy pool, Joker's Daughter began singing a song to welcome some ancient being into the Universe....... it was probably The Macarena or something evil like that.

The bodies of the soldiers were consumed by their blood turned tendrils and to get that extra kick that the spell needs to summon a being into the world, Joker's Daughter gets Zatanna to sing for it........ because singing does things...... I watched Little Mermaid, I know what I'm talking about.  Once the smoke clears, we have ourselves a spider eyed Venom wanna-be named Tenebrus The Binder, who will serve as the Nazi's scary ass weapon as long as he's given the dead.  Sounds fair.

In the end, Tenebrus takes on human form and swears allegiance to Joker's Daughter, while Zatanna freaks the hell out and makes a beeline for the door.  Sadly though, I doubt locking her dressing room will be enough to keep Tenebrus out if he starts huffing and puffing...........which we won't find out here because it's over.......... Well, Constantine, who's been turned into a rabbit attempts to smoke and tells Zatanna that her friends suck.  Okay, now it's over.

That's it for this issue of DC Comics: Bombshells and while Tenebrus's arrival wasn't all that spectacular simply due to it being mostly about singing it into the world, just like Public Enemy opened my eyes to "fighting the power"...... okay, it's not like that, but maybe if it was, I would have dug this more.  I do love the fact that we have ourselves a evil entity for our heroes to fight other than the Nazis because while the Nazis are terrible and should always have their skulls beaten in, they're a little too real to be the main big bad for this book and since we have over the top heroes, why not have over the top villains as well?  It works for me and I like it.  While I didn't mind the art, it's just hard to get into it since we have new artists introduced all the time in this series and since I've seen styles that I've liked more than this one, it's kind of disappointing.  So yeah, not bad but not great.  Bombshells continues to be something that I'm interested in, but this whole Joker's Daughter bit isn't as fun as the previous stories have been.

Bits and Pieces:

We've finally got a big bad in the series and while we don't get much of it here except for it's welcoming party, it's cool to see that we have a enemy other than the Nazis for our heroes to fight when they get all together.  I just hope as the story continues that it gets back to a little more fun because I haven't been that big of a fan when it comes to the Zatanna/Joker's Daughter story that we've been dealing with.


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