Friday, October 2, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: Characters I Want To See In DC Comics TV Shows

Welcome back to another Top 5 Friday! Gotham's second season has begun, with Arrow's fourth and Flash's second premiering next week, and Supergirl premiering at the end of the month. It looks more and more like a great future for DC Television, especially with some of the characters that are coming. Characters like Anarky, Hugo Strange, and Red Tornado will soon be gracing our screens and it made me think: Who's next? This week on Top 5 Fridays, I'll be going down the characters I want for DC Television. This list will be different as it's all number 1 characters for each show, but its a list nonetheless. ENOUGH BLABBERING! Let us begin...

Arrow: The Outsiders
Season 4 has been said to have a more Mystic theme in comparison to the last seasons. This has been proven so far with Damien Darhk's power, the rebirth of Sara, the Lazarus madness of and the inclusion of Constantine in the season. I can't say I'm a long time fan of the Arrow, so I don't know if theres another example, but when I think mystical and the Arrow, I instantly thought of the Outsiders.

As much as I liked the old Outsiders, the New 52 version is so fascinating and mystical to throw against Green Arrow's often down to Earth, street fight, vigilante style story. I felt the Outsider's War was an fantastic story, and I would love to see THESE Outsiders to get a little more love. We already have the Arrow clan and Sword Clan leaders, leaving 5 other key members to cast. I'm not asking for an Outsider War yet, just some more Outsiders to the fray.

Flash: Johnny Quick
Season 2 of the Flash is going to bring in the Multiverse into play, starting with the inclusion of Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth 2. While it's too soon to say that the Multiverse will become a normal thing to the TV show, it made me think about all the other Flashes of the Multiverse, including his evil, and often overlooked, counterpart of Earth 3.

To those who haven't read the amazing Forever Evil story, Earth 3 is the home to the Crime Syndicate, who at their core are the evil mirror image of the Justice League. One of it's founding members is Johnny Quick, a Flash who I believe is an even more evil Flash than Professor Zoom himself. Where Zoom always has a master plan to cause the suffering of Barry Allen, Quick is just violent and chaotic for the sake of being violent and chaotic. He ENJOYS what he does. He's like the Joker with Flash powers. With the Multiverse now wide open, it's only a matter of time before one of the greatest heroes meets his evil twin.

Supergirl: Cyborg-Superman
If you have been following my lists for as long as I've been writing them, then you know I have a soft spot for the New 52 version of Cyborg Superman.  The main reason for this is because it brought something interesting to the character. Hank Henshaw was interesting, but his reasons for hating Superman always seemed kind of stupid. He had an accident that caused the death of his friends and lover, and turned him into a robot. In his anger that Superman couldn't save him, he swears revenge. It just seems very old comic book to make the story like that.

Compare that to the drone like Zor-El. You have a machine that might have less emotions but a more sinister goal: remove the weeds from the "garden" that is the universe. The best part is that this could lead to the Family affair it has always been building up to. Not just woman vs. machine, but Father vs. Daughter. With Kara's personal struggle being trying to find herself, fighting the last remnants of her Father AND her Planet could be a great plot!

Gotham: Detective Jim Corrigan
This might never happen, and I accept that, but I'm going to always have hope Jim shows up. The show is meant to be a crime drama, not a supernatural one, so the man destined to become the Spirit of Vengeance  isn't really on the top of the most wanted cameo charts.

Jim doesn't need the Spectre to be an intriguing character. He is a cop that walks the line between good cop and brutal cop. He breaks the rules, yet always does whats right. Next to Gordon, HE would be the one ready to go after the corruption that we saw plaguing the police force in season one.
He wouldn't even need to be in the entire season. He could team up with Gordon to take down a cult(a nod to Deacon Blackfire perhaps?) and it ends with him getting killed, ambiguously or not, and it would set up for the future Spectre that wouldn't need to be seen. It's the least likely of the bunch, but a man can hope.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Metal Men
Now we get to probably the strangest set of characters to be on this list. When the filming of Legends of Tomorrow began, Marc Guggenheim, the executive producer of the show posted a fake magazine cover mentioning PLATINUM mining. He later revealed that it wasn't meant to tease the Metal Men, but the thought stuck with me.

These guys, in my opinion, are one of my ideal pictures of a team. You can imagine the members of the Justice League or Avengers working solo, but these guys can never really be apart and work fantastically together...they could be inspirations for another certain team that's forming to get their acts together. The Legends may have heroes from all walks and styles, but the issue is that people like Captain Cold and White Canary usually prefer to work alone. Sure, Rip could just smack them and say work together, but wouldn't it be better to have them inspired by the teamwork of another legendary team?

All but Gotham: GREEN LANTERN
ENOUGH WITH BEATING AROUND THE FRIGGIN' BUSH! We know Hal Jordan exists in the CW DC universe! Last season of both Arrow and Flash, they have been poking at Coast City, Ferris Aircraft, and even mentioning the PILOT WHO WENT MISSING! You have his best friends have their own shows, so have him appear in the crossover and blow out the budget tenfold!

Best part is that Green Lantern really can be on any of the DC TV shows with the exception of Gotham. You can have Oliver meet Hal Jordan during a flashback in Coast City. You can have him team up with the Flash to help catch a space faring meta-human, such as the satellite meta from the TV comic. The Legends could run across a Green Lantern fighting Vandal Savage in a future where they fail! SUPERGIRL'S ENEMIES ARE GOING TO INCLUDE ALIENS THAT COME TO EARTH, AND AS A SPACE COP THAT'S KIND OF HIS THING!

We have had practically every member of the Justice League on live action TV at one point or another ever since it's creation...give Hal that chance.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! Who do you want to see in the upcoming DC Television season? Leave a comment and I'll see you next week!


  1. If they use Cyborg Superman in Supergirl I'm going to lose my mind! And I'm hoping that Doom Patrol will somehow show up or at least be referenced in Legend's of Tomorrow, since they cast Val Vostok.

  2. Gotham: Grey Ghost- I know, he's more from BTAS, but seriously; tell me you wouldn't burst a blood vessel seeing him.

    Arrow: Nightwing- They've teased Bludhaven a hundred times. Why has no one thought this would be a good idea?

    Flash: Captain Atom- I just want to see him in some capacity.

    Legends of Tomorrow: The Doom Patrol- Ditto.

    Supergirl: Superboy- let's expand the superfamily.

    All: The Question- he's the only one I can think of who fits everywhere; especially in his N52 iteration.

    1. I think the problem with nightwing would be the fact that would hint at Batman, which will be a bit harder to pull off....
      I can see captain atom showing up, pretty much as a puppet for general eiling

  3. I think if we get Cyborg Superman in Supergirl, it'll be season 2 or 3 at the earliest. Hank Henshaw is her sister's boss in the DEO, so they are certainly planting seeds to potentially see that later on.

    1. see Hank being the big boss of the DEO makes me think he won't be Cyborg supes, and shouldn't unless she does something to really REALLY piss him off
      hence why i think the Zor El version would be better, because hes more of a drone and would just see supergirl as a flaw to push out of the way

  4. I want to see all of them... Hal and Cyborg-Superman the most!!

    1. I've been ready for Hal since Flash first ran to coast city for a pizza. they tease at him so much!