Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 38: "He's Dead Jim"

Jim and Eric continue the fun this week by discussing all the DC Comics and DC Comic News that two grown men can take.  Along the way, we all learn that their local comic book shop still sucks, Jim doesn't really pay attention to the news and Eric has a lot of friends who all have ridiculous nicknames.  Jim also continues his nyquil addiction...but it's all for the good of the podcast.  When they get to the books, they don't agree as usual, but Jim does convince Eric that We are Robin wasn't as bad as he first thought.  Jim:1 Eric: 0  Enjoy!

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DC Comic Books Reviewed: Grayson #12, We are Robin #4, Batgirl #4, Gotham by Midnight #9, The Flash #44, Sinestro #15, Injustice: Year Four #21, Batman: Arkham Knight #32, He-Man and the Eternity War #10, Deathstroke #10 and Justice League 3001 #4

DC Comic News: Flamingo cast in Gotham, Court of the Owls Coming to Gotham, Checkmate added to Legends of Tomorrow, DC Comics owns the Batmobile

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  1. Just wanted to say, that I also really enjoyed We are Robin. It's not as good as say Grayson, but it's pretty good. Just didn't wanna stir the pot and have you guys extend the podcast for another two hours.

    1. We both laid low! Actually, I would have jumped in, but I didn't read it until right before the podcast and did enjoy it (as I said on the podcast)