Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gotham Season 2 Episode 2 "Knock, Knock" Review

Ha. Ha.
If you read my last review, you'll know I didn't find the season premiere as great as it could be. I've seen worse episodes, but for an opener it fell a bit flat as it tried to clear the board for the new season.
That being said, This episode knocks last week's episode out of the park. It is dark, bloody, and tense as hell...and I loved every friggin' moment of it. Why all the praise? Lets dive in and see...
We open the episode with Galavan "persuading" Mayor Aubrey to step down as Mayor for a currently unknown reason, but it can be certain that he is using it to step up to the political field for the future. Of course it just was meant to transition to the Gotham News, where we see the REAL plot of the week; The Maniax with an exclamation point, lead by Jerome.

Gordon, after getting advice from Bullock(who's fiance is cop-blocking him from returning to the force), learned what the connection between the victims. They are workers at the same dock...where one refueling truck is missing. This leads to one of the most tense and insane moments this show has ever had...and it couldn't have been done without Cameron Monaghan

I remember last season I ranted that The Joker should not have an origin in the show, but Cameron Monaghan time and again has just slapped me across the face with his portrayal and I can't help but smile at it. His mannerisms, voice, and look perfectly match the comic book version of the Joker. During the scene with the bus, he doesn't scream or try scaring, he just does it. He just jokes it was between the bus and the old folks home. Then he has trouble trying to light the gas so he asks the kidnapped Cheerleaders for one...THAT IS A JOKER MOMENT AND IT'S EXECUTED PERFECTLY! I will say it: Cameron Monaghan's Joker could rival Heath Ledger's. I believe he could have been a good candidate for Suicide Squad's Joker if he was a bit older.

After Gordon is able to save the cheerleaders, Theo's sister kills one of the Arkham Escapees that was going to be questioned. While examining the body though, Gordon gets lured away by Barbara, which then leads to the most brutal scenes the show has had so far: a Police Massacre. Its bloody, dark, and has all hope sucked having Commissioner Sarah Essen killed by Jerome. While that was sad in itself, her interaction with the future Joker was a hell of a way to go it brought back Harvey, so as depressing as it was we got the other half of the Dynamic Detective Duo back!

While all this was going on, Bruce tried to hack into his father's computer, but Alfred being the wise man that he is, smashes the computer to keep him from going down the dark path he is destined to go down. He points out this isn't the time, and points out his father might have done some dangerous activities(that I may or may not do a Fanboy Theories on). Bruce in his anger fires Alfred, and it just broke my heart to see it fall apart like this. Obviously they get back together in the end, but you saw and felt the pain in Alfred's eyes when Bruce, HIS ADOPTED SON, tells him he hates him and doesn't want him near him anymore. Its just another great moment that shows Sean Pertwee's skill at being Alfred. In the end, Alfred makes a deal with Lucius Fox to fix the computer, and both storylines end with them watching a video made by Jerome for the people of Gotham, promising them they haven't seen anything yet.
A smile only a mother...oh wait
Do I believe there is the perfect episode? No, but this came pretty damn close. The only real complaint I have is with semi-comedic scenes with the psychos such as Barbara and Theo's Sister whipping the mayor, and the Cannibal trying to take control(Though the Russian roulette scene was f*$!ing dark and awesome). If this is what Gotham season 2 is going to be like, THEN BRING IT ON!

+ Darkest episode yet
+ Fantastic tense and dramatic moments
+ Emotional moments between Alfred and Bruce
+ Jerome is the best
- Some scenes felt out of place



  1. I was really hoping the Maniax would be the prime time TV version of

    1. XD i believe that is way too old school for DC TV...for now

  2. Damn Reggie, did you already know that or researched it?? The episode was INTENSE just like the comic can be sometimes. This Gotham scares the crap out of me!