Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Justice League #47 Review and *SPOILERS*

Justice League Just Got Syndicated 

Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 30, 2015

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Out of nowhere, Justice League goes and gets caught back up with our other books on the second to last day of the year.  It's a 2015 miracle!  While the year might be coming to a close, it seems that the Darkseid War is just getting started...... and yes, while Darkseid actually dying seemed like it was one hell of a big deal, that seems to be the least of our problems, especially since the Justice League are going against everything that I yell at the page and going to try to get some answers out of the Crime Syndicate.  Besides for that though, there wasn't much else really going on in our previous issue besides for Superman putting down his pie and going after Steve Trevor for hitting on Wonder Woman and Grail going and taking the Anti-Life Equation for herself.  Let's jump into this issue and see what's going down and where this chapter to the Darkseid War takes our story.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with getting some of our key players back in the game like Green Lantern and Batman and while we start out in some pretty exciting territory with Batman all Mobius Chair-ed up, investigating Ace Chemicals because he's discovered something about the Joker...... it's quickly discarded when they have to go deal with the Superman problem.  Yeah, our Man of Steel is certainly a problem too, but luckily we see that Superman isn't all about crushing Steve Trevor's head like a grape but more about seeing how strong Wonder Woman is and if he can take her.  This too is a bit odd because I have no idea what happened to Steve Trevor for one thing and Wonder Woman quickly takes down Superman with her lasso of truth before Batman and Green Lantern have a chance to even Boom Tube in.............. and I'm left wondering, "What the hell is up with the Joker, Batman?"  So yeah, with the lasso around him, Superman's able to take control of himself again, but Batman lets us all know that charging up with the fire pits on Apokolips was a bad idea because not only will Superman revert back into a pie eating rage monster, but the power he absorbed is actually killing him...... So much for God of Strength.  Before our heroes have a chance to deal with their black and white pal and his terminal inverted-ness, Batman's alerted that the Anti-Monitor is done with his metamorphosis and now that he's got the Anti-Life Equation purged from his system........ he wants his chair back.  I get where Mobius is coming from too because once you've spent the time working in some decent ass grooves, it's hard to relinquish that very special spot.  As for the Anti-Life Equation itself....... well, Grail's got that now and for whatever reason she's not all about making her father suffer like she talked about in the previous issue, but needs to get herself some of that sweet sweet Steve Trevor action.  

Over at Bell Reve, Cyborg looped some of the security cameras, while Mister Miracle went and did everything else like a damn showoff and once Big Barda just breaks on in to the prison to create a distraction, Cyborg, Miracle and Power Ring head on in to talk to Ultraman and Super Woman........ which is a terrible idea because I swear they tried to do this before to get answers on the Anti-Monitor and our heroes got nothing for their troubles.  Another terrible idea that goes down here is the team splitting up........ because shit always goes wrong when you do that.  We see this when Cyborg and Power Ring go to get Super Woman and we find out that the entity that inhabits Power Ring's ring: Volthoom has just been playing lame this whole time and now that it's in a position to get the band back together, it takes full control of Jessica Cruz.  Cyborg being the over zealous sort that he is, thinks that he can just override the ring by connecting to it............. which I swear that he did before and got screwed up in the process, but I could just be making that up but if he did then this is above and beyond stupid because it happens again......... and Grid gets downloaded into Cyborg's system.

In the end, Big Barda and Mister Miracle run into Super Woman's cell to see what all the commotion is about and instantly get fucked up when it looks like Super Woman heat visions through them.......... I'm guessing they're fine because as this issue closes, Owlman blasts open a wall and tells her that they don't have time to kill Miracle and Barda because if any of them are going to survive, they have to team up with the Justice League.  So here we are with the Crime Syndicate back together again.  We've got Owlman, who might have made this plan with Luthor back during the Amazo Virus, Super Woman all pregnant and crazy, Power Ring now in full control, Grid rocking Cyborg's body and Ultraman, who might be the most worse for wear because he seems terrified to go up against the Anti-Monitor.  Damn this story just got even more over the top crazy and I didn't think that was possible.

That's it for this issue of Justice League and for as much as I complained about the last issue not doing much, this seems to have done a complete 180 and shoved even more than my gluttonous ass could take........ but boy did I try.  I had a great time reading this issue even if everything didn't really jive with me, like our heroes going back to the Crime Syndicate, when they didn't get anything out of them before and Cyborg trying to connect with Power Ring even though it completely messed him up the last time he tried...... These all just seem like bad ideas and as we saw in this issue........ They were!  I do love seeing the Crime Syndicate back together again, even if I don't like the reasons behind it and the idea of these villains teaming up with the Justice League just tickles me in that oh so right kind of way.  There's just so much to love about this book that even someone as anal as me can get beyond some stuff just to see the epicness unfold.  Jason Fabok's back as penciller for this issue and goddamn is he a master of his craft.  I could go the rest of my life with just him doing this book and I'd be happy as hell because he is one of the finest artists that I have ever seen and as much as I could just go on stroking him all day, the rest of the creative team are really just the cream of the crop.  So much awesomeness in this book that you'd have to be a fool to miss out on it.

Bits and Pieces:

While I'd like to say that things get interesting here....... really, they never stopped being interesting so that would just be stupid to say...... So things get EVEN MORE interesting in this book as shit gets real for our heroes.  There's a lot of stories at play in this event and after reading this issue I have to say that I'm interested in all of them and can't wait to see where Geoff Johns takes us next because even though I had some problems with some of our characters' motivations, this was just so much fun to read and with Jason Fabok back with his pencil in hand........ well, this book just looks amazing as well.



  1. Im....So confused. Who is Grid? Why is Superwoman (earth 3 wonder woman) using heat vision? Isn't Volthoom the first lantern from the finale of Geoff Johns Green Lantern run? And we have seen Superwoman before, When did she suddenly start sporting a belly?

    1. The worst part is, I didn't even realize that Super Woman having heat vision was wrong until you said something. I was so caught up in what was going on that I just totally overlooked that detail.

    2. Why wouldn't she have heat vision? Her name implies that she is an amalgamation of Wonder Woman AND Superman. Maybe I missed or forgot something from Forever Evil that lays out her powers?

    3. She's just the Earth-3 equivalent to Wonder Woman, even though she's "Super", she's not kryptonian.

  2. Grid is basically earth 3 cyborg Volthroom was the first lantern but on earth 3 he was imprisoned inside the ring and pretty mush bullies anyone who wears it into doing what he wants, superwoman im not 100% on call it different biology ultraman biology is different from superman, and as for the belly that *forever evil spoiler* Alexander Luthers baby she has been pregnant since before coming to earth prime

  3. Man i loved this issue well the second act with the crime syndicate reforming the League got these powers but havent really done anything with them, but Owlman fuck yea where has he been doing all this time comic nerds need to know!

  4. Replies
    1. kickin' it at the Rock of Eternity

    2. Got all excited by him being in that bs Darkseid special and should have known that they wouldn't give us any more Metron info in this issue.

  5. Ya I gotta go back and reread some of these issues the delays are messing with my memory and then they go and throw all this stuff in 1 issue at us.

    Your right about Batman they have brought up this Joker stuff in no less than 3 different issues now and just keep blue ballin us. I really dont think were getting an answer as to what Batman found out.

  6. Awesome issue, and one that we deserved after #46. I got a kick out of Hal in his lazy boy floating around with Batron. Hoping we get 48 in a timely fashion...