Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 51: Not So Christmas Cheer

Jim and Eric get together the day after Christmas and they are not in a jolly mood.  Maybe they didn't get the presents they wanted or they are still reeling from last week's "Dildo Incident", but they certainly don't agree much.  Eric gives a sort of update on Stinky Jamie and Jim just wants to end it all.  They do manage to talk about a ton of books and continue being the #hardestworkingguysinpodcasting.  Enjoy!

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DC Comics Books Reviewed: Batman and Robin Eternal #12, Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2, Robin: Son of Batman #7, Teen Titans #15, Superman #47, Titans Hunt #3, Deathstroke #13, Gotham by Midnight #12, Justice League 3001 #7, Aquaman #47, Justice League of America #6, Cyborg #6, Sinestro #18

DC Comics News: Some DC Books will be released bi-weekly

Reggie's Recklessness: A Christmas Poem

Ryan "Brightest Daycare" Clark's Other Side: Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #1

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  1. Many thanks for not taking a break, this week will not be boring now!

    1. no breaks allowed...though I think it may be getting to us!!!! We almost killed each other this week.

    2. Ha ha ha I agree... Crazy thought but maybe the Year Awards should count as next weeks episode! Pickup the next weekend in January for comics and have lots of Flash reviews.

    3. no way...we go until one of us drops!

    4. For a second i thought Manship was going to suggest the next podcast(ie the year end awards) will be a fight between the 6 members of the get fresh crew XD

    5. it isn't??? I have been training

    6. Mortal Kombat:
      Reggie representing the Twilight Children world
      Joel representing Prez
      Ryan representing Brightest Daycare
      Eric representing Earth 2
      Jim representing earth 0
      Jody representing The out of continuity batman stories


    7. I'd fight someone not to represent Earth 2

    8. Dan representing all geeks
      Deron representing Lanterns everywhere
      Manship representing all working listeners
      Jess representing Get Fresh Crew significant others

  2. My Awards for 2016

    Ongoing Series: Grayson
    Writer: Tom King
    Artist: Jason Fabok
    Best Inker/Colorist/Letterer: Not qualified to comment
    Best Issue: Batman and Robin 40
    Biggest Moment: Death of Darkseid/Justice League Godhood
    Biggest News: DC You
    Biggest Event: Multiversity
    Best New Book: Omega Men
    Best Digital First: Arkham Knight
    Best Convergence Book: Shazam
    Best Hero: Grayson
    Best Team-Up: Damian Wayne and Chris Kent (Multiversity)
    Best Villain: Eric for his Batman 44 review
    Best Cancelled Title: Batman and Robin
    Best Non-DC Book: Secret Wars

  3. i just had to share this for jim's sake