Monday, December 28, 2015

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1 Preview

Written by: Amy Chu
Art by: Clay Mann, Seth Mann, Ulises Arreola and Janice Chang

Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 20, 2016

Life. Death. Poison Ivy has power over both. But can she keep her friends and hold down a regular job at the same time? As Dr. Pamela Isley, she joins the prestigious plant sciences department at Gotham Botanical Gardens, but things quickly get complicated when a fellow scientist is murdered and it looks like the work of Ivy. Don't miss the start of this new 6-issue miniseries!

Wow, this book looks so good!  I can't say that I am a huge Poison Ivy fan (please don't kill me), but I am now officially excited by this peek at what Amy Chu and Clay Mann have in store for everyone - Including those fans who have been waiting so long for this book to happen.  Well, we still have a month to go and after seeing this preview, it's going to seem like longer.

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