Friday, January 1, 2016

Weird Talk: The Weird Science DC Comics Message Board

I spent the entire New Years Eve working on redesigning our site and unfortunately, ended up going back to our normal look.  However, I wanted something new and exciting to ring in 2016, so I jumped into the Weird Science Time Machine and traveled back to 2002 and grabbed a Message Board and brought it back for everyone's enjoyment.  You will see it on the bottom of every page on our damn site and it will stare at you until you join in on the fun.  I have set up basic categories to start with and if things take off a bit, I will add subcategories to better organize things.  The reason I am doing this is because we do love hearing from readers of the site and listeners of the podcast about anything they want to talk about.  Plus, I won't have to stalk people as much anymore!  So, I will leave you to talk amongst yourselves (and me, Eric, Reggie, Joel, Jody...)

JIM'S NOTE: I have changed things around a bit and have placed the message board on it's own page.  You can get there by hitting the link on the right side navigation menu.  I may put it back on every page, but like the pirate who was asked why he had a steering wheel on his lap said, "Arrr...It's driving me nuts!"

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