Sunday, January 17, 2016

DC Comics Estimated Sales For December 2015

So yeah, I got a little behind in 2015 and didn't even do a Checking The Numbers for November, but never you threat little camper, those numbers will be included with this....... if that book actually came out in November.  Anyway, like everyone of these I do, the previous issue's numbers are included.  So like I say every time one of these go up, we will not be including digital first printed collections, Vertigo titles........ pretty much just whatever Weird Science considers the "main" DC Comics books will be on this........ and that's a lot of books so you should be able to find what you want here.  It's 2016 and my resolution this year is to up my game a bit so with any luck I'll be able to get off my duff and put one of these up every month and prove that my will is as strong as a Green Lantern.......... resolutions are all about will power after all.  Let's jump into this installment of Checking The Numbers and see how our favorite books are fairing.  Let's check it out.

    Title and Number                            Price            Est. Sales      Previous Issue Est. Sales

 1. Dark Knight III: Master Race #2       $5.99           158,188              440,234

Even though I initially thought that releasing another sequel to the Dark Knight Returns was simply a cash grab by DC....... well, I still think that, but fans don't seem to care and keep gobbling up all they can get from the Miller-verse.  Hopefully sales continue like this because 2016 needs to be a better year for our favorite comic company.

 2. Batman/TMNT #1                             $3.99           134,526

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that a team up like this would work as well as it has, but I'll refrain from the pinatas and RC Cola for right now until I see how the sales continue.

 3. Batman #47                                     $3.99           127,201             106,989

Apparently all Batman needed was the Holiday Season and the choice meeting between an amnesiac Bruce Wayne and the Joker to get it's sales back in order....... But really, we know that people are just waiting to get their Batman back and this was the first issue to really show that bats are still in Bruce's belfry.

 4. Harley’s Little Black Book #1           $4.99             92,266  

I know that Harley is a beloved character by not just DC fans, but all comic book fans, but I have no idea how book after book featuring this character does so damn well.  I love Harley, but her solo antics have been getting on my nerves for awhile now.

 5. Justice League #47                          $3.99             84,970               75,660

I don't know if everyone got a bunch of money for the holidays, but we'll definitely see that the most popular books in December have themselves a significant raise in sales and luckily our beloved Justice League got to see some of that moolah because this book should never sell as poorly as it did in November. 

 6. Harley Quinn #23                             $3.99             69,168               58,344

What's the Holiday Season without buying everyone you know some Harley?  Real nice jump in sales there, I just hope that DC doesn't see this and say we need three more Harley books because of it.

 7. Justice League of America #6          $3.99              55,410              52,604

It looks like we'll be staying in the mid fifty thousands with this book because not even a terrible one shot with Martian Manhunter and a huge delay could turn people off of this book.

 8. Batman: Europa #2                            $4.99              52,235              80,721

It seems that while this series started strong, I think people are getting a little tired of the Dark Knight's vacation in Europe with his best buddy Joker.

 9. Batman: Europa #3                            $4.99              49,474              52,235

10. Superman #47                                   $3.99              47,377              41,657

I'll never stopped being shocked that Superman is the best selling book of the many Superman titles because from everything that I've seen for the past seven months, it's really the weakest when it comes to story.

11. Detective Comics #47                        $3.99              45,867              47,256

I hate seeing this book go down in sales because I really have faith in Tomasi to tell some awesome stories........ he just keeps getting fucked out of telling them.  Hopefully after issue #50 everyone can back to business as usual and we'll see a boom in bad ass story telling from all of our books.

12. Green Lantern #47                            $3.99              45,706               38,976

Hal being back on Earth might be just what this series needed to get readers to come back.

13. Robin War #1                                      $4.99              45,058

I'm actually shocked that this issue didn't do better than this because everywhere I went I saw and heard people talking about this event and how awesome this issue was.

14. Flash #47                                            $3.99              42,129                36,153

15. Batman and Robin Eternal #9              $2.99               41,943               42,763

16. Batman and Robin Eternal #10            $2.99               41,505                41,943

17. Batman and Robin Eternal #11            $2.99               40,557                41,505

18. Batman and Robin Eternal #12            $2.99               40,297                 40,557

19. Wonder Woman #47                            $3.99               40,123                 34,042

This is a perfect example for people getting all hero happy during the holidays because I have no idea how this issue brought readers back on board.

20. Batman and Robin Eternal #13            $2.99                39,613                 40,297

We've seen this with every weekly book that DC's put out, with the sales dropping steadily each issue.......... I just didn't think that they'd drop this far.

21. Grayson #15                                        $3.99                35,765                 31,831

Like Robin War #1, this is another book that people were going ga-ga for and even though we had a boost in sales........ I really thought that they'd be higher than this.

22. Robin: Son of Batman #7                     $3.99                 34,815                 35,633

23. Justice League: DW: Lex Luthor          $3.99                 32,226

24. Harley Quinn & Power Girl #6             $3.99                 31,375                   34,127

25. Superman: American Alien #2              $3.99                31,025                   41,441

This is just a shame because with everything that's going down with Superman and all his titles since the Truth began, this book has to be the best Superman title being put out right now.  It's just too bad that the sales don't reflect that.

26. Green Arrow #47                                  $2.99                30,834                   24,393

People had to be in the forgiving spirit for the Holidays for this one because I have no idea how this book got more readers than it had.

27. Batman/Superman #27                         $3.99                30,021                   38,056

28. Action Comics #47                                $3.99                29,021                   35,569

It might just be a personal thing for me, but in my mind Action Comics should never be selling this poorly.  

29. Superman Annual #3                            $4.99                28,802

30. We Are Robin #7                                   $3.99               28,181                   19,210

I really hope that this series can rebound from these numbers because I love it so much and after what we saw in the Robin War, I want to see what our Midtown Robins will do next and what Alfred is really up to.

31. Batgirl #46                                            $2.99               27,591                   29,276

That's right Batgirl............. you've outstayed your welcome and even though titles I love are selling worse than you.......... well, I just don't like you and I want something different.  Looking at the numbers, it appears that I'm not alone.

32. Teen Titans #15                                    $2.99                27,201                  26,239

33. New Suicide Squad #15                         $2.99               26,449                   32,925

This is crazy!  Here we have a month showing big booms in sales for a whole lot of titles and yet one of the most consistent selling books takes a huge dive.  Just crazy.

34. Teen Titans #14                                     $2.99               26,239                   26,511

35. Red Hood/Arsenal #7                              $2.99              25,789                   19,857

Damn, I guess people aren't ready to give Joker's Daughter another try after all.

36. Deathstroke #13                                     $2.99              25,344                   31,939

Like Suicide Squad, Deathstroke is one of those very steady selling books and maybe we can chalk it up to the holidays, where people aren't into seeing destruction and mayhem. 

37. Superman/Wonder Woman #24              $3.99              25,000                   31,315

38. Cyborg #5                                               $2.99              23,618                   25,926

39. Gotham Academy #13                             $2.99              22,947                   15,865

40. Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2     $4.99              22,414

41. Batman Beyond #7                                   $2.99              21,946                   27,778

A lot of people are bailing on this book and while some of it I can see is because we have a bunch of Batman Beyond purists not liking the new direction, but another factor has got to be that we don't really have a solid direction in story.

42. Black Canary #6                                       $2.99              21,666                   22,215

43. Superman: Lois and Clark #3                    $3.99              21,630                   22,898

Like American Alien, being only that they're both good Superman books because that other title is a different animal completely, this is a title that should be doing way better than it is because it's just a joy to read........ especially with what's been going on with our Earth-0 Superman.

44. Starfire #7                                                $2.99              21,250                   27,941

45. Earth 2: Society #7                                   $2.99              21,059                   21,948

Damn, those Earth 2 fans just don't give up.

46. Titans Hunt #3                                          $3.99              20,918                   22,466

I'm finally on this series' trolley and because of that......... I fully expect this book to do better..... yup, I'm just that powerful.

47. Aquaman #47                                            $3.99              20,251                   25,962

48. Constantine: The Hellblazer #7                $2.99               18,601                   19,328

49. Cyborg #6                                                 $2.99              17,864                   23,618

50. Sinestro #18                                             $2.99               17,189                   22,331

This is also a shame because this is the best Lanterns title that we've got right now and apparently no one wants to read it............ I'm one to talk though because I don't think I've reviewed this for two issues.

51. Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis #5          $2.99               16,730                   18,843

52. Justice League United #16                       $3.99               16,665                   17,721

53. Martian Manhunter #7                              $2.99                15,962                   17,038

If you fools let Martian Manhunter get canceled, I'm going to really upset....... yeah, I'm not about to go around and make threats or anything like that.......... I'll just be really upset is all.

54. Gotham Academy #12                               $2.99                15,865                   16,560

55. Catwoman #47                                          $2.99                15,038                   21,661

56. Secret Six #9                                             $2.99                14,663                   15,375

57. Justice League 3001 #7                             $2.99                13,979                   14,659

58. Doctor Fate #7                                           $2.99                11,954                   13,090

Apparently, the Doctor isn't in.

59. Gotham By Midnight #12                            $2.99                 11,695                   10,816

60. Midnighter #7                                            $2.99                 11,267                   12,186

Go Away Midnighter!

61. Gotham By Midnight #11                            $2.99                12,186                   12,932

62. Lobo #13                                                    $2.99                  9,955                    10,382

63. Telos #3                                                     $2.99                  9,619                    11,202

Wow, only three issues in and nobody wants to read this book.  This has got to be the fastest crashing main DC book that I've ever seen.

64. Omega Men #7                                            $2.99                  9,251                      9,709

65. All Star Section 8 #6                                   $2.99                   8,995                      9,787

66. Prez #6                                                       $2.99                   7,716                      8,098

Now I'm sure that DC has gone and paid for all the work on the second tier of this series with issues #7-#12........ but damn does it look like no one wants to read them.

So yeah, while we saw a bunch of our main heroes from the Justice League roster getting a boost in sales for the first time in a long time, it might be that some of the readers from the less popular books were dropping those and getting on board with the big boys.  I like it though because I'm looking forward to 2016 being the year of DC Comics and finishing out last year that strong is a good omen in my mind for how the rest of this year will look. 


  1. Yeah, it really started getting good....... right when it was announced that it was cancelled. That issue there is the final issue.

  2. I agree if something happens to Martian Manhunter it will be the first time Im seriously pissed something is cancelled. Does He-Man do that bad they dont even publish numbers or did I miss it?

    1. No, I just simply didn't add it. The sales for that were 10,096. I'll include it in the future since there's interest.

  3. Well that's better than I thought tbh ... I though it was just you and me reading about our early 80s childhood hero