Friday, January 22, 2016

Wonder Woman #48 Review and *SPOILERS*

Doctor Poison!

Written By: Meredith Finch
Art By: David Finch, Scott Hanna, Brad Anderson, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 20, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It's time to get to a whole new story underway and hopefully it plays out better than the last because man did it just fall flat in the end.  The biggest problem right now........ to me at least, is that Meredith Finch seems to be trying to continue Azzarello's run without having the same feel or tone and because of this it just comes off feeling odd.  I mean don't get me wrong, she's adding her own elements, but the two tones aren't really meshing that well and at this point I just would like something new.......... and hopefully that's what we get here.  Let's dive head first and all sorts of reckless into this issue and see what's what.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with some strange ass James Bond type shit, where a super villain doctor has plans to create a new type of poison that will kill the President of the United States............ shit, for writing that I feel like I'm going to be put on some kind of watch list or something.  Anyway, the doctor we're talking about is Dr. Maru and her motivations behind this act are kind of.......... well, strange.  You see, when she was a little girl her parents were Soviet scientists who developed a kind of poison that attracted the attention of some American spies, who wanted to use their creation for some good ol' American type death and destruction, but her parents, not being traitors turned them down flat.  Now, this part gets a little sketchy, but I think we're supposed to believe that the American spies sold them out to the KGB with some kind of lie about where their allegiances actually were............ so the KGB tortured them to death....... leading to Dr. Maru's hatred for America............ Now, I understand that the Americans might have fucked over her parents, but it was the KBG that went all SAW on their asses so couldn't we at least have a duel hatred going on?  Maybe a fuck the world kind of mindset?  No?  Okay, go after the Americans, whatever.  It turns out though that the Justice League have become wise to Mr. Maru's game and Wonder Woman is sent out to stop this new villain, but in the beginning all she does is stop the decoy van, while Dr. Maru and her poisons head on over to London.

The next day Wonder Woman shows up outside of a G8 Summit meeting, where a bunch of world leaders are getting together and........... wait, wait....... am I just a big dummy?  I know I have this magical thing called the internet, where I could easily look up what a G8 Summit meeting is, but is that something that I should know about already?  Am I a bad American or even a terrible member of the human race for not knowing?  Well, it's a good thing that Wonder Woman sussed out that Dr. Maru would attempt an attack at this meeting........ you know, since the President of the United States showed up and all that, but what I don't get is, when the attack goes down we see that it's a poison compressed cylinder attached to a drone........... which I dig because it feels real and all that, but Diana grabs a hold of it with her lasso and slams that bitch into the ground right next to the President and if that wasn't bad enough, the way the Secret Service try to contain it if it was leaking is by wrapping it up with a suit jacket.  I guess, doing something is better than nothing, but really Wonder Woman went about saving the day in probably the worst way possible.  Nothing comes of this though, so I guess we just go with a shoulder shrug for the whole thing.

In the end, Wonder Woman chases Dr. Maru down, but the good Doctor deciding that Maru wasn't what she was really feeling on the inside, decides that she'd rather go with Dr. Poison...... you know with her knowledge of poisons and all that and gasses some people with some PCP concoction, that gets them to go after our hero.  Dr. Poison then proceeds to try to shoot Wonder Woman, but one of the bullets hits one of her PCP zombies, which then snaps the crazy right out of the horde and Wonder Woman is able to detain our re-imagined villain.  As our issue closes though Dr. Poison breaks one of her poison gas teeth that enables her to get away and on Olympus, Zola wakes Hera out of her goddess sleep because something is wrong with baby Zeke.

That's it for this issue of Wonder Woman and story arc after story arc I find myself optimistic of what we're about to get....... only to get burned in the long run and this story is no different except for one thing.  When the issue opened, I was really excited about getting a re-imagined Dr. Poison what with her being one of Wonder Woman's oldest villains, but as I continued reading the issue, I was just bombarded with dialog that just felt weird at times and awful at other times and the good Doctor's motives just didn't seem as sound as they should've been.  Yeah, she's crazy and hates America for it's part in her parent's death, but that just feels weak, especially after hearing the whole story.  Hopefully, we'll delve deeper into the psychology of Dr. Poison in future issues, but just going from what I read here, things just don't seem that interesting and Wonder Woman's hero tactics come off rather rookie and reckless.  The art on this book is as beautiful as it always is when David Finch is rocking his pencils, but some of the panels don't seem to fit with what's going on and ultimately, everything just came off feeling odd in this issue.

Bits and Pieces:

We start off a new Wonder Woman story with this and while I'm happy that it introduces a re-imagined Dr. Poison to the series, this first issue just leaves me wanting more because nothing that really went down here felt right.  Motives are weird, our hero is weird and the dialog at times is just awful.  It's been a rough go with Wonder Woman lately and I just hope that this story arc straightens itself out because I want to love Wonder Woman again.



  1. Why the heck did they take Doctor Poison, a Japanese villain, and turn them Russian?

    1. Because its one of those really stupidly pointless changes that really seems like it was done out of some fear that audiences wouldn't take well to the original version.

  2. She still has her Japanese name even though she's Russian ?