Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five #5 Review

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Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Wes Lokus and Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: January 19, 2016

Besides never knowing what day this book will come out (is it Monday or Tuesday, DC?!?), I have really enjoyed the beginning to Year 5 of Injustice.  Throwing the villains into the mix not only makes me smile while reading the book, but also makes me wish some of these characters were in the game.  As they say, one out of two ain't bad so I won't complain.  I will tell you, however, that the best thing about the villains entering the fray is the differing philosophies that Superman and Batman have in their recruitment.   Superman is going for the biggest and meanest while Batman is sticking to non-killer types who live by a code.  Hey, I'm all about character, but I may have to side with Superman on this one.  I may be in the minority here because even Wonder Woman is against what Superman is doing.  Will Superman listen to Diana and stop his villain league fantasy draft or is Superman going with the might is right game plan?  Let's find out...

The issue opens up in Germany and it's been my favorite part of this year of Injustice.  I'm talking about Bizarro and it's funny to call him that because as much as I'd love it to be him, I keep waiting for Buccellato to dash my dreams by revealing it's someone else.  I must be a worry wort because we get full affirmation that this character is Bizarro and that he is awesome!  Sure, I want more Bizarro talk, but I know a bunch of people who hate it, so maybe Buccellato is going the smart route here.

We then peek in on a video call between Batman and Batgirl.  The Penguin is there as well and it's all about last week's cliffhanger...Bane and Killer Frost capturing Catwoman.  They all know it's a setup to capture Batman, but he's going to save her anyway.  Of course he will, he's Batman!

I didn't like the Penguin in this scene.  His dialogue just felt a little off to me and he felt too timid.  We haven't gotten a lot of him in this book so I guess I am just going by the Penguin I know and love and differences can be chalked up as "elseworlds" nonsense, but we all know that's the lazy writers way out.  I will have to see him more to give my final verdict of the character, but right now, I'm not a fan.

After learning from the source that there is a shortage on green super pills, we head to Bludhaven to see Damian leaping all over town.  He's being chased by ninjas and when we find out who they are, I was very intrigued.  It's the Year of the Villains and these guys are definitely bad guys.  However, they don't play well with others and have gone to Bluhaven to ask Damian to be their leader.  It all makes perfect sense, but Damian doesn't see it that way.  By the end of the scene, there was nobody left alive to hear Damian's bad ass hero speech.

We then head off to see Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg.  Wonder Woman still doesn't like Superman's new villains plan and tells the Man of Steel to his face.  She's so angry and gets even angrier when she finds out Bane and Killer Frost have captured Catwoman.  While I thought Wonder Woman jumped the gun by saying that capture means only one thing...torture (really, what about straight up murder?!?), she is right so I guess I can't complain too much.

The issue ends with said torture and no matter how hard they try, Selina won't break.  So, Frost turns down the temperature and I'm taking bets that Catwoman is the first major casualty of Year Five.

I liked this issue, though it was the weakest of the strong starting Year Five.  We learn there is a super pill shortage, watch Bizarro become Bizarro and see cracks beginning to show in Team Superman's regime.  I have enjoyed Year Five so far and this issue won't ruin that all by itself.

Bruno Redondo is back on art and I love it anytime he gets involved.  He really kicks ass here and I'm still not sure what black arts he deals in, but his characters in Injustice all look like the best versions of each character.

Bits and Pieces:

This was an okay issue of Injustice and while I like a quieter issue now and again, I don't want it from this book.  It's still worth the $0.99 entrance fee, if only for Bruno Redondo's art.  It's tough to recommend this book to newcomers as it has a very long history behind it, but I can recommend it to people who bailed on the book recently.  Just come on back and enjoy the ride.



  1. Catwoman is alive in the game so I bet she'll break and join the regime

  2. She is alive in the game and on the regimes side. This last year of injustice is going to be prodictable if you played the game.

  3. When did Damian get this big , last year he still looked like a half pint, guess someone remembered his suppose to look like a person in his late teens/early twenties

    1. actually at the beginning of last year Cyborg noted he grew

    2. I thought the scene itself just popped up out of nowhere. It really felt forced in to me.

  4. Who are these bunch of people that don't like them some Bizarro. And Peguin is playing possum waiting for the right moment.

  5. Deadwing is no show in Year Five. I miss him.
    Damian's costume's cute. Now he's definitely a murderer.

    1. I loved Deadwing!!! He is a straight up murderer!

  6. Because your wife and child died all others are expendable, what a hypothetical moral standard of Clark kent. The ones you killed were also important to other people. Rubbish story