Friday, January 22, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Cool Things from "The Dawn of the Justice League" Special

Welcome back to another edition of Top 5 Fridays. On Tuesday, The CW hosted two specials in place of iZombie. The first one was just a rundown of the characters that would appear in Thursday's DC's Legends of Tomorrow premiere. The second was a rundown of the DC Cinematic Universe... and holy crap, does it make me impatient for this universe to come out. The special was only 30 minutes long, but it showed a few cool things that I wanted to go over today. Let's break it down...

5: New Footage for Batman vs. Superman 
This might not be the biggest thing that came from the night, but its always good to see more stuff about the movie to tide us over till the actual thing comes out. The new footage, added along with a clearer explanation for WHY these two titans are going to be exchanging blows, helps anyone who hasn't seen Man of Steel understand the new DC Cinematic universe that is being laid before us. We see that Superman is doubting his place in the world, Bruce gets back into shape and get new technology ready for the battle against a god, and Luthor continuing to pull strings to have the world hate the Man of Steel. This makes the wait for this big event more and more unbearable!

4: The Justice League (with Concept Art!)

With the build up to the event, DC released this first piece of concept art of the whole team...The team is already looking promising and its just a piece of art. When the actual event starts though, they kept dropping pieces of concept art left and right through out it. Some of it was awesome like Aquaman and Cyborg, and Flash's was cool, but the lack of lightning ears threw me off for a bit. To add onto the introduction of the Justice League of this universe, we get the actors playing them explaining what drives the characters and what they want and need. This is a great way to give the characters depth for people who might be unfamiliar with the characters, especially for Cyborg and Aquaman, but also get people who do know about them more excited for their movies.

3: Green Lantern Corps Movie Announced

Alright this one might not be huge; it is just an announcement after all...but holy crap was it a big one. Let's be frank, the first attempt at a Green Lantern movie was a bit of a mess. Personally I would say it was a C- at best, but in a world where we had The Dark Knight and the Marvel movies were bringing superhero movies out of the dark, this was NOT a good step... We needed a good reboot of the Green Lantern. Something bigger. Something that could make the general people realize how much bigger the DC Universe is rather than just stay on earth... If the Green Lantern Corps movie does well, it could open the door for all the other Lantern Corps of the spectrum...only time will tell.

2: First Wonder Woman Footage

I'm going to be frank: I was surprised we got any form of footage so soon. Usually stuff like that gets saved for a full out trailer...but from what we got, from what little footage we received, I am already digging the vibe of the film. It felt like a war movie, but also a bit of fantasy which is what I assume they are going for. It has fierce fighting against soldiers during World War 1, glimpses of her alter ego of Diana Prince but my personal favorite: Her looking around in horror as what I can only assume is Chlorine Gas dissipates around her on a war torn battlefield, sowing the seeds of her pursuit for peace. Gal Gadot, the actress playing the Amazonian Princess, stated that this movie would show how she comes to form her impression of Man's World and becomes the hero we know her to be. I can't wait to see more as it finishes production.

1: Suicide Squad Trailer

I bet you knew this was going to be up near the top two spots. To be honest...I was not a fan of the first trailer. It felt like it was trying to pass off the Suicide Squad as this dark, gritty, serious team that gets the job done...except as a comic reader, I know it is very rare that the Suicide Squad is ordered and even more rarely goes according to plan. The Squad is chaos. Pure chaos. Despite what most fuddy duddies think, chaos is fun to watch. So to have that dramatic trailer set the tone for the movie, I was a little bit bored...then this trailer comes out showing, "Yes, the Squad is chaotic. Yes, the Squad is violent. Yes, enjoy the madness." It ditched the greyish colors of the first trailer, and brought out the neon color, proving how much Warner Brothers wants to prove the DC Cinematic universe CAN be a place to have fun but also be dark. Its an amazing trailer that I can't stop also helps the trailer has one of the best songs of all time synced to it.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! How excited are you for this new cinematic universe? What are you impatiently waiting to see? Leave a comment and I'll see you next week!


  1. Suicide Squad trailer got me really hyped. Only thing that got me worried is the green lanturn Movie. I hope it doesn't focus on Hal. I'd rather it focus on John Stewart or Kyle Rayner. Just give us something new already.

    Wonder Woman looked alright but what's the deal with her needing to ride a Horse, is she not the same person who going to help superman fight Doomsday?

    1. I'm pretty sure that the Wonder Woman movie is supposed to be a WWII period piece, but since she's immortal, I guess she hung around in man's world waiting for an alien to destroy a city.

    2. actually world war I. WWI used more horses than WWII. as for the green lantern, I think it might focus on the Corps as a whole, perhaps all 5 human lanterns

    3. If DC is smart, they will do just that and educate the movie going public as to what the corps is all about. The rushed presentation of the last lantern film is one of the primary reasons for its perceived failure at the box office.

    4. How about they don't even show Earth much, like Guardians movie did. Show us the GL universe literally. But do have Earth Lanterns in it. I'd even take a movie version of Blackest Night or Sinestro War.