Monday, May 30, 2016

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 73: DC Comics Rebirth, Comic Books and Arnold Horshack

Jim and Eric talk every DC Comics Comic Book that came out this week and yes...Rebirth is finally here!  It's (almost) everything that Jim and Eric wanted and while Eric claims no comic is a perfect comic, he liked Rebirth more than this week's Cyborg.  It's also the end of The Final Days of Superman and the Darkseid War and everyone (including Jason Fabok) must bow down to Weird Science for their prognosticating skills.  Of course, Reggie and Chris are along for the ride and it's a long one as usual.  Enjoy

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DC Comics Comic Books reviewed: Justice League #50, Superman #52, DC Universe Rebirth #1, Grayson #20, Batgirl #52, We Are Robin #12, Superman: Lois and Clark #8, Secret Six #14, Teen Titans #20, Justice League 3001 #12, Scooby Apocalypse #1, Injustice Year Five #23, Deathstroke #18, Flash #52, Cyborg #11 and Omega Men #12

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  1. Jim you got to slow down a lil. Dont get me wrong - love the show but two big ass podcasts + rap podcast + 2 emergency podcasts + reviews in last couple of weeks is too much work. Got to chill a little otherwise eric will be

    killing it at minute with reggie and chris and a cheeky slice of brandon added.

    low and slow homeslice.


  2. anyone can drone on about arnold drake for 40mins - thats easy. Shut My Shows Are On - takes a life time of living to build up to