Thursday, June 2, 2016

Best DC Comics Covers of the Week 06/01/16

Hello to everyone out there and I hope you are have a stupendous week.  If you are one of the few people who have been coming to our site (it's a site, not a blog!) for a while, you may be thinking to yourself, "I think I remember Jim doing something like this way, way back" and you would be right. Back when I wasn't so damn lazy, I used to do all sorts of things...covers of the week, a weekly news column and I even went outside now and again.  Then something happened and that thing is called the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast!  That hideous beast pretty much devours my whole weekend and by the end of it all, I feel like Drago at the end of Rocky IV.  It' not a podcast, it's a piece of iron! Just like Drago, though,  I'm back (It is Drago in Kindergarten Cop 2, right?) for the attack and will try my best to make this a weekly thing.  So, here are my picks for the Best DC Comics Covers of the Week...

Cover of the Week:

Doctor Fate #13 
Cover by: Tony Harris

I can't tell you what Tony Harris is on, but after looking at this week's cover to Doctor Fate #13, I want some!  This is one of those covers that just jumps off the shelf at you and demands attention.  Sure, if I wasn't reading the book, I might think it's about the adventures of Hayden Christensen, a heavy metal loving Dr. Fate and some sort of feline-woman hybrid, but I have read the book...and that sounds a whole lot cooler!!!  Seriously, I want that book!  Sometimes picking the cover of the week is a tough process, but this cover made it easy.  Great job Tony Harris!


Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #5
Cover by: Neal Adams and Alex Sinclair

Some covers let you know what to expect inside, some covers give you the tone of the book, while other covers are just crazy, whack, funky.  Somehow, this is all of the above and maybe a little bit more!  You have Superman breaking up a fight between Darkseid and Lex Luthor and I really want you to read that back to yourself a couple more times to let it sink in...Superman is breaking up a fight between Darkseid and Lex Luthor!!!  It doesn't hurt that it looks fantastic and in the end, I love it because it makes me laugh...but not at Darkseid.  Never laugh at Darkseid!

Reggie's review of the issue is HERE

Green Arrow Rebirth #1 
Cover by: Steve Skroce and Alex Sinclair

I like the Rebirth covers enough, but they are definitely utilitarian by design.  Of the variants, this is the one I liked the most. They all remind me a little too much of Heroclix, but this one has both Black Canary and "the goatee" so it wins right there.   It's just colorful, animated style fun and since that's a big thing I wanted out of the Green Arrow Rebirth (and got!), it makes the list.

My review of the issue is HERE

Bloodlines #5
Cover by: V Ken Marion, Sean Parsons and Andrew Dalhouse

Extreme!!!  I mentioned above some of the things a cover can do and this one is all about tone. Bloodlines is a 90s reboot/callback/homage comic and this cover just screams that.  V Ken Marion makes sure there is something here for just about everyone..guns, monsters, Teen Wolf, lightning, blades, blood and  possibly Ryu! That's a whole lot a fun and I loved it.  I'm also a sucker for Andrew Dalhouse's colors and Marion gives him plenty to work with.  If you like the look of this cover, give the book a shot because it all continues inside as well.  Except for Teen Wolf...maybe.

Reggie's review of the issue is HERE

Non DC Comics Cover of the Week:

TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything #1
Cover by: Nick Pitarra

Okay, that's it for this week.  I'll be back with more DC Comics covers next week , unless the podcast kills me!


  1. I bought both Batman Beyond and Doctor Fate because they both had awesome different covers that used the same kind of motif. While Doctor Fate was elaborate in detail, Batman Beyond was simple in design (which fit very well with first week of the simpler DC logo).

    1. The Batman Beyond cover was good, it just reminded me too much of the panels in crazy "shocking" panels that have shown up in the book way too much