Thursday, June 2, 2016

Teeny Titans #1 Review

Gotta Catch Have Them All

Written by: Ivan Cohen
Art by: Marcelo DiChiara, Wes Abbott and Jeremy Lawson
Cover Price: FREE
Release Date: June 1, 2016

I like having fun.  I'm not talking about go outside and throw the Frisbee fun because I hate the outdoors and wouldn't be caught dead throwing a Frisbee.  Please don't yell at me about Frisbee Golf or Ultimate Frisbee because then you would just look silly and I'd have to remind you that those are just as much sports as Hopscotch, Kick the Can and Cricket.  No, I'm talking about sitting inside my house and reading comics.  Fun comics like this one.  I know that we usually don't dive into the Teen Titans Go! stuff on our site, but that's more the product of not having the time because I am a fan of the cartoon which I watch with my kids.  Okay, I watch by myself sometimes as well.  So, since I have a light review schedule this week and this digital comic has my favorite price point (FREE!!!), I'd figure I'd give it a whirl.  I'm glad I did and will now tell you why...

The issue starts out with the Teen Titans getting a mysterious package.  Actually, the package itself isn't so mysterious, it's a gaming figure for the new Teeny Titans game that is a Jump City craze.  The mysterious part is who sent it, but more on that later.  Right now, the Titans are all gaga over it and eventually Robin even drops his guard to check out his own figure and it's game on!

If you've watched the Cartoon Network show, you know the team and Ivan Cohen and Marcelo DiChiara nail them.  If you are like me, you'll hear their voices in your head while reading and not once will anything sound off.

It all continues as the Titans "Gotta Have Them All" (ha!) and Ivan Cohen pokes fun at collectible games, variants, Star Wars and so much more.  I actually laughed out loud at Cyborg.  While this is going on, Robin sneaks off to increase his collection and chances of winning and runs into the Hooded Hood.  That starts another funny bit about villain and hero names that unfortunately, leaves Robin out to dry.  I mean, he doesn't have bird powers!

This continues while the Titans wait in line to buy figures, but when they get to the front, everything is sold out.  After some prompting from the Hooded Hood, Robin declares a shopping spree and on once again.

The issue ends with a kind of reveal of who the Hooded Hood is and the Titans fighting each other in the game, but mostly to get the last figure left unsold in Jump City...a level one Robin.

Okay, I will tell you right now that I had no idea this comic was a tie-in for a mobile app game coming out later this month.  I am a dummy like that.  However, when I did find out (there is an advert at the end), it didn't piss me off because quite frankly, Ivan Cohen and Marcelo DiChiara do such a great job of capturing the fun of the show.  It's kind of sad to say, but this the most fun I've had reading a Teen Titans book in a long while!  Kudos to Cohen for writing a tie-in comic that is pretty much a satire of what it is attempting to do.

I am familiar with Marcelo DiChiara from the Smallville Digital First book and boy, he nails the Teen Titans Go! characters here.  Seriously, this looks like it could be an episode of the show.  Also, the issue is littered with funny little visual Easter Eggs and has made me realize I want a Brainiac plushy now!

Bits and Pieces:

Don't write this free comic off as a throwaway tie-in to sell a mobile game.  It's a fun read and if you are a fan of the Teen Titans Go! (or have kids who are) or collectible games of any sort, you will get a couple laughs even some at your own expense!  Ivan Cohen throws a bit of humor and satire into what could have been simply a "buy this game" type of advertisement.  I'm glad he didn't because him and Marcelo DiChiara let me smile all the way through a Teen Titans book.  Imagine that!


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