Saturday, June 4, 2016

Teen Titans Go! #16 Review

Mumbo Road Trip

Written by: Derek Fridolfs and Sholly Fisch
Art by: Derek Fridolfs, Marcelo DiChiara, Jeremy Lawson and Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 1, 2016

I mentioned in my review for the Teeny Titans one-shot (REVIEW HERE) that we haven't been reviewing the Teen Titans Go! stuff on the site, but I had so much fun with it, I think I am going to dive in head first.  I am a fan of the cartoon and as luck would have it, this print issue came out this week so I might as well start right here with Teen Titans Go! #16.  I plan on continuing with the Digital First chapters from here on out...all part of the plan to review EVERY book and end what little free time I have left.  On to the review...

The first story is "Mumbo Jumble" by Derek Fridolfs and yes, that does me the The Amazing Mumbo is in the house!  The Titans catch him in the act of robbing a bank and then it's open season on magical characters...including Raven.  By open season, I mean that we get a pretty funny bit about magical characters and their redundant nonsense phrases.  It's hilarious, but leads to Mumbo performing a "Mumbo Jumble"!  What you don't know what that is?  I didn't either, but it's perfect for this book...Mumbo has shuffled up the Titans' powers.

I don't want to spoil all the fun, but it's really funny and we even get to see Raven say the line, "Titans Go."  I know that's kind of a spoiler, but it was so good and the period I put after "Go" wasn't a typo, just imagine how Raven would say it.  While all this craziness is going on, they still try to act as a team, but things just go from bad to worse.

I actually thought that Fridolfs was giving us a "walk a day in someone else's shoes" type of story and while Raven and Robin get close, this is all about zany, madcap fun.  I love zany, madcap fun!  It all ends with the Titans using their new powers for pretty much destruction and mayhem and after a little reverse psychology, Mumbo changes them back and it's off to jail for him.

If the goal to these stories is to give fans something that could and should be in the cartoon, than Fridolf has nailed it here.  I want (need!) to see this story on the show pronto.

Regular series writer, Sholly Fisch, gives us the second story, "Hit the Road", and artist Marcelo DiChara is onboard and that is fine with me.  I love DiChara's Teen Titans Go! art so much!  The story itself is great fun and does a wonderful job poking fun at a ton of things that deserve to be poked at.

It starts with Robin calling the rest of the Titans ans informing him that since he's doing a "critical" job for Batman, they'll have to do his chores.  Of course, they are having none of that and when they find out that the he is actually just waxing the Batmobile, they get all Ferris Bueller and declare..."Road Trip"!  How can they resist, it is the Batmobile..."If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

After getting Robin to relax a little (safety first), they travel around and take in some sights.  We get shopping, a ton of  roadside attractions (is it a shock they go to the International Waffle Hall of Fame?), a little luchador versus alligator wrestling and more.  That is just the appetizer, though, and the main course is extra yummy!

The issue ends with a demolition derby and if you are the type to argue about which Batmobile is the coolest, you may or may not be pleased with the result here.  I am a fan of the Batman '66 version, so I wasn't!  Fun stuff!  The only thing missing was having Robin put the Batmobile in reverse to take off the milage.

This book exists for one reason and that's to have fun and make you smile.  I guess it's also supposed to make money, but I like fun and smiling more.  While reading through the series, I always enjoy the crazy villains the writers chose and the visual easter eggs spread throughout.  The Magnificent Mumbo was exactly the type of villain I love...Ridiculous, but with a Teen Titans history to boot.  As far as easter eggs go, my favorite this issue was seeing Jim Gordon with the Robo Bat Helmet.  When you see stuff like that it really makes you realize these guys and gals are fans just like us.

Bits and Pieces:

This is another enjoyable issue of Teen Titans Go!  This book is one of those, if you like, you like it, but if you have no heart and hate having fun, nothing here will change your mind and save your soul from the fiery pit below.  It's a no brainer for anyone who is a fan of the cartoon and anybody out there who gets it for their kids, take a peek at it and I'm sure you'll find an easter egg or five that will make you shake your head and chuckle.  You better...remember, fiery pit below!


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