Saturday, June 18, 2016

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 06/15/16

Hello Luv and welcome to another week of DC Comics and Comic Book Covers.  I don't know why I used all those capital letters, but I really am too lazy to go back and change it, so deal with it.  At least I put two spaces after a period when I write.  I'm not sure when it became common place for this one space thing, but I don't like it!  You hear me?!?!  I mean, new math is a pain in the ass, but new English???  My dear mother would roll in her grave if she actually was dead or even dear.  Oh well, we aren't here for me to talk about walking to school uphill, both ways...we are here for the DC Comics Best Covers of the Week and away we go...


Green Arrow #1
Cover by: Juan Ferreyra

I love Juan's covers and no, I am not on a first name basis with him, but maybe after winning this week's award, I will be.  Somehow, he gives us a cover that is dark and fun all at the same time.  We get Mr. Red Mask (we find out who he is in the issue!) and Black Canary, but the best thing is the fight on the rooftop...Ollie is fighting a Wild Dog Gang!!!!  Holy crap!!!  That wins the week all by itself. 


New Suicide Squad #21
Cover by: Juan Ferreyra

You may have heard of this guy somewhere before and I think he is going places.  Seriously, Juan (call me, buddy) is one of my two favorite cover artists (The other has the initials R.A.) and this is yet another example of why. His covers just jump out at you and at least make you grab the issue off the shelf. if not buy it.  For crying out loud, he makes me even like El Diablo here and I am not a fan.  

Scooby Apocalypse #2
Cover by: Carlos D'Anda

I have not been a big fan of the Hanna-Barbera stuff so far, but it hasn't been the art or the covers that have turned me off.  While Jim Lee's main cover is good, this variant by Carlos D'Anda is awesome!  It's Scooby that does it for me here.  I don't care what contraptions and electronics they put on him...this is my Scooby!  Now, if the book could only follow suit...

Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade #1
Cover by: Jim Lee

You can't stop Jim Lee, you can only hope to contain him!  This is one of 1,043 variants for Last Crusade (I'm kind of joking) and it is the best in my opinion.  Why?  Batman and Robin, of course!  I love seeing any version of the Dynamic Duo and if you get Jim Lee to draw them, I'd buy that for...$6.99?  I think I like the Robocop price a little bit better.

Green Arrow #1
Cover by: Neal Adams with Kevin Nowlan and Dave McCaig

Rebirth has been great so far and no other book has surprised me more than Green Arrow.  Green Arrow is fun to read?  Where did that come from.  It also has been fun to look at and that goes for the covers as well.  That is plural since this variant is only slightly behind the main one in the awesomeness category.  I am a sucker for Neal Adams for one reason...he kicks total ass!  What more reasons do you need?

Alright, as thy say in the business...Another Week, Another Covers! C-ya in seven...Spoon James


  1. I feel like Patrick Gleason's cover was one of his best and perhaps had his best drawn superman. I don't think I would switch any of them since the ones selected are all very good. Each are all quite unique. Both covers of Green Arrow are both really awesome, I think this might be my favorite Neal Adams Cover.