Monday, June 13, 2016

My Favorite Things w/o 6/13/2016 - Just For The Hell Of It Monday

Welcome back to my weekly list of things I love that you should love too for the week of June 13, 2016. I apologize for missing last week's installment, unfortunately I had a family emergency. 

1. @Historyinflicks: Historyinflicks started off as a twitter feed mocking the insufferable Historyinpics twitter account for its completely mundane exercise in sharing old photos. Somewhere along the way this shit got tired as fuck and the man behind the account decided to change it up, in doing so became one of my favorite feeds. The man is political, he trolls asshole pundits and everyday asshole-know-it-alls with skill and precision. He generally offers hilarity and insight. You won't always agree with his stance but you will always find him enjoyable and appreciate his voice. Unless you are a humorless asshole. Follow @historyinflicks

2. Millions Like Us Podcast: As a person with a constantly increasing level or responsibility I no longer have time to search out new music like I used to. At the same time I desperately want to avoid becoming one of those people that has conversations about music based on Grantland/The Ringer think pieces on the importance of Kendrick Lamar despite stealing his entire sound from Outkast, or which edgy genre is Beyonce working to make more bland and irrelevant. Luckily I can find amazing new music via the Millions Like Us podcast, which features to Irish guys, mumbling about music then playing said excellent music. Every week I find at least one or two new artists to get excited about. It is important to find new and exciting music, or else you will just become one of those assholes who still likes Radiohead. 

3. Bad Sea - I Want U: Speaking of the Millions Like Us podcast, I was introduced to this amazing and beautiful piece of bad assery via them fuckers. Bad Sea sound like the process of falling in love and having your heart completely broken within 2 minutes by that stranger three people ahead of you on the morning coffee line that you will never meet or speak to. It is perfect melancholy and the kind of sweet pain you only get from hearing a song that once meant the world to a you and a girl you dated for 3 weeks in 7th grade. It is everything perfect about pop music and pop culture. 

4. Violent Bullshit: I am not even sure if Violent Bullshit still exists but they are one of my favorite bands. It is perfect music for breaking shit or watching Fixer Upper with the volume turned down.

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