Friday, June 17, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Characters I Want in Injustice 2

Welcome back to another exciting installment of Top Five Fridays. To those who aren't gamers, E3 was this week and those that lucky few who were able to go hide a chance to get a hands-on look at the recently announced Injustice 2. Injustice is my favorite fighting game as well as one of my current favorite comic series, so to see the sequel finally coming out appeases the comic nerd and gamer nerd inside of me. This week's Top Five is going to cover my character wish list for this upcoming game. While thinking of this list I considered any character that was either alive in the injustice comic world OR has not appeared yet. As always this list is based on my opinion. If you don't see a character you like or wanted in the game I apologize. With that out of the way let's get started!

5: Dr. Fate
"But Jody," you are probably saying, "Fate was already in Injustice and I'd trapped with Trigon and Mxyzptlk!" This is true, but we need to keep in mind that is trapped. not dead, trapped. Dr. fate is the most powerful magic user in the DC universe, so you would think that he wouldn't know a way out of the die mention that he sent the two villains too. Besides the reasons he can't be in injustice 2, look at his skill set and try to imagine it in the form of fighting game moves. To be perfectly honest I thought he would be a better fit for it than Zatanna was in the first game. I bet he even was supposed to BE the character over Zatanna. Remember her super move? Where she used Egyptian hieroglyphics and an Ankh of Light to take down foes. Does that really sound like a spell Zatanna would use?! Yes, Zatanna was better known, but in a world where the best of the best are duking it out over the freedom of the planet, you need the best magic user you can muster, and no one is better than the good doctor.

4: Captain Cold
This one is less "I want him" more "how I know he's probably gonna be in the game." The first and most obvious reason is the fact that Captain cold has quickly become one of DC's most popular characters in both comics and more specifically on the CW. While he is in the justice league after the events of forever evil, he is also pretty much placed on the forefront of legends of tomorrow before his death at the vanishing point. He is still in the injustice universe despite the fact that the other Rogues have either been really captured or killed. Other than his popularity, he can fill up the ice character mold that Netherrealm wants in all their games. Yeah, killer frost was a fun character but she lacked the style that Cold brings to the table that I would love to see in-game.

3: Orion
I want everyone to quickly think back to year four of injustice. While the year was coming to a close, the heroes of the Insurgency asked for the help of Highfather to stop the battle between earth and the Olympian gods. Rather than see an all out brawl between Highfather and Zeus, we see Highfather convince Zeus to stand down before any more bloodshed. Well, it definitely works, it left people like me and Jim begging for a God on God battle. While the Olympian gods are no longer part of the injustice universe(with the exception of Ares), Highfather might still be a little bit worried about the tensions growing on the planet especially if Superman were to escape now that he's completely mad. What if he sent Orion to stop Superman from ever escaping. It would be a cool way to get the New Gods into the spotlight.

2: Black Hand
Well, we had Sinestro and Atrocitus, so why not throw in a man who might be the most powerful lantern at this point. "Yes,let's continue to beat the lantern badasses over the head," you are probably thinking. My rebuttal to that is: think back over the five years in the injustice comic as well as the last injustice game. How much death do you think there was during the estimated six years with the war between the regime and the insurgency? Nightwing, green arrow, Captain Atom, just to name a few heroes, and that's not including the civilians of Metropolis, all the victims of the lantern war and Gotham Rebellions. So why do I bring this up? What better way to reunite the people of the Injustice Universe then have the sins of the past come back as Black Lanterns. Just picture the fury superman would need to unleash in an attempt to kill the demons of his past... Only to see them not die and come back 10 fold. The only reason why I wouldn't want to see him is the fact he is now being an even more hammy version of the Crypt Keeper and might not be a good antagonist for the story mode.

1: Plastic Man
Do I really need to go into the why we need this guy? A guy who can stretch and shape himself into anyone or anything is practically made for a fighting game. His gameplay style could be that of a non-phasing Martian Manhunter, stretching his limbs to beat down the enemy, while growing to giant size to finish them off. Need more convincing? How about the fact that, besides Batman, he was the Regime's greatest threat? If you haven't read the Year Four annual, go read that to see what I mean. The man singlehandedly broke out every enemy the regime has, where Batman needed Aquaman's assistance as well as his insurgent soldiers to just release ONE GUY! The elastIc lunatic did what the World's Greatest Detective couldn't do alone. Just let that soak in for a while.

That's it for this week's Top Five Friday! What characters do you want to see in Injustice 2? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time


  1. I was gonna be a smartass and come here to say Ambush Bug should be in the game...

    ...but Plastic Man would be kinda awesome, and fulfill much if the same "wacky" purpose, but better.


    Ambush Bug would still be cool tho

  2. Jody your list is pretty much guaranteed. In the Trailer we see Dr. Fates Helmut, Captain Cold Gun, and we here Ras al ghul speak about being reborn each time he enters the pit. Ed Boon the creator was recently asking people on Twitter poll who they want first and blue beetle was chosen. Orion would be awesome pick but until we play as Darkseid, it's probably not going to happen.And Plastic-Man was in the Prequel comic & Managed not to Die. Reggie, I hope Ambush Bug stays the hell out, but only because I can stand people who spam teleportation during a fight, and that's pretty much his thing.
    1. Red Hood- Because he was supposed to be in the last Game.
    2. Beast Boy- Because they pretty much have the New Teen titans in the roster already, why not finish it.
    3. Darkseid- Because he was in a stage transition last game, so there not afraid to put him in the game.
    4. Poison Ivy- Because Harley without Ivy is the true "INJUSTICE".
    5. Vibe- Because his character has gained some momentum from the flash show, and Geoff Johns reboot.

    1. the helmet and gun i learned about soon after i posted XD
      Beast boy sadly died during the comic
      Darkseid was in the mobile game
      poison ivy and vibe could be fun as well

    2. My guess is that the developers won't tie themselves down with anything that happened in the comic.

    3. As long as they are just dlc characters or characters that are just playable and not part of the story sure, but if they try to include them in the story they shouldn't be able to. Otherwise what is the point in having a in canon comic if they aren't going to go by it.

    4. They could always bring characters from another universe like they did last time anyway. If we just go by the comic universe, then there is no Green Arrow and shows like Arrow are WAY too popular to not have that character in the game.

  3. I haven't read the Injustice comic yet but I wouldn't be surprised if this game was called Injustice 2 and have very little to do with the previous game. Just an impression I've gotten, so if I put someone on my list who turns out is dead already, I apologize but I think they could be in the new game anyway.

    5. Red Hood
    4. Black Manta
    3. Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash
    2. Batwoman
    1. John Constantine

    1. Actually you got everyone who is alive i think XD
      there hasn't been an evil speedster yet, Batwoman is part of the insurgency, and constantine was a dick that played both sides to gtfo of a soul selling deal with trigon

    2. If it stays in the same canon as the game, Batwoman at the very least probably won't be in it because she's almost certainly going to be killed in Year Five. Probably John Constantine too, since he's just... elsewhere.

      But if it's a different canon... I like this list.

  4. I had the same Black Lantern idea. That could be so intense, and a great way to see Black Lantern versions of characters who have never been one.