Monday, July 18, 2016

Old Man Logan #8 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Mondays

A Tale of Two Cities

Old Man Logan 008
Writer - Jeff Lemire
Artist - Andrea Sorrentino
Color Artist - Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer - VC's Cory Petit
Release Date: 07.13.2016
Cover Price: $3.99

Ya know, when we first met Old Man Logan some decade or so back, it immediately made me think of fan-fiction.  Here's a really cool story Mark Millar wants to tell with a character who is generally considered to have a lot of baggage... only here, he doesn't need to worry about pesky things like established characterization and continuity.  Hey, just like the first Civil War... hey-yoo!

It's still hard to believe that this is the current "real" Wolverine.  Dude's got big shoes to fill... let's see if he's up for the job!

Could it be tonight?  I guess it could be any night.  The night that the Marvel Universe falls.  Ya see, in the universe Old Man Logan comes from all of the super-villains actually managed to get their stuff together and launched a full-out hate fueled assault one terrible night.  This completely changed the landscape of his home world, and led that Earth down a much darker path.

In this (welcome) one-off issue of Old Man Logan, our main man is taken on a tour of his new home world by his good pal young Jean Grey.  What follows is a beautifully rendered juxtaposition of the disparate Marvel Universes.  Where lit-up skyscrapers regally stand in one, only flaming rubble remains in the other.

Jean is trying to impress upon Logan that things are going to be okay by visiting many important locales... and we get the feeling that she's making quite a bit of headway this night.  This also affords us a look at some of the more vital (and brutal) "Night of the Fall" battles.  Incredibly scripted and rendered.  Truly makes the Old Man Logan Earth feel real, tragic, and important.

The pair ultimately winds up at a bar in Madripoor, where Old Man Logan meets Captain America, Hawkeye, Jubilee and Puck.  I'm guessing this occurs before Steve Rogers pledged his undying allegiance to Hydra... but really, the way Marvel is playing fast and loose with time and continuity, it doesn't really matter.  I just mention it because I'm a jerk.

The Wolvie-reunion is really well done, and Sorrentino is able to capture a stunning amount of emotion here.  While I'm known to complain about characters (especially those of the Avenging persuasion) guest-starring in other books, here it really and truly fits.  This, for the few pages it lasted, felt special... and necessary.

All told, probably not only my favorite issue of this series... but very likely my favorite issue of any Old Man Logan story to present.  I wasn't quite sure how they were going to make this "work", but damned if they didn't.  This is probably not for everybody, as it can be a little slow-going to those who may not have much affection for the X-Characters... however, this is a wonderful character piece nonetheless.

Bits and Pieces:

A wonderful look at Logan as he attempts to internally reconcile that the Earth he currently inhabits is not quite the one from which he hails.  If he just stops to think about it, he just may find himself taking advantage of his new lease on life and actually begin enjoying himself... or at least not spending his time fearing the next tick over to midnight.  



  1. Hey, Jeff Lemire wrote this. Of course he nailed it.

    1. yep...I love Jeff Lemire...wish he was back at DC

  2. Why is steve rogers young again, it was only a few issues back that he was an old man as well and logan has not jumped again and is still in that time line