Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Preacher Season 1 Episode 8 “El Valero" Review and **SPOILERS**

Written By: Sam Caitlin
Directed By: Kate Dennis
First Aired: July 17, 2016

Let's Catch Up:

When we last left the gang Jesse had just turned the entire group against him, Sheriff Root was looking for is son, and Quincannon was getting ready to bring the war to Jesse.  Oh and I still hung onto a shred of hope that this show was going to be something other than a new version of a beloved comic book destroyed by AMC. 

Caught up?  

Good, let’s get this fucker over with. 

Explain It:

Tonight’s episode fucking sucked. If I am being honest, this season has kind of sucked. It just took me 8 episodes to realize that AMC was copying the same shitty playbook it used for its other comic book series The Walking Dead, sparse bits of action doled out between long stretches of nothing. Preacher is for sure leaps and bounds better than The Walking Dead, which is god awful, in fact you can write off friends who like that show because they are obvious mouth breathers who are bringing down the collective IQ. 

My problem with Preacher is, they seem to be building a back story that doesn’t need a backstory. The great thing about the book is that it lets the story unfold naturally, the backstory gets revealed throughout the narrative, but you are never stuck in one fucking place, for this long. Why do we need to an entire season to get to the catalyst for the fucking story?  Stranger Things, which is amazingly excellent, got the story rolling within 15 minutes and trusted the audience to connect the dots. Preacher is fucking that up big time.

El Valero is essentially a standoff, we spend an hour with Jesse hold up in the Church, Quincannon and his people hanging outside the church and not much happening. There are some moments. Jesse’s guilt manifests some version of Eugene to come in the fold, but it’s not Eugene. Jesse sends for the angels Fiore and DeBlanc to take Genesis out of him, they do, but Genesis likes the home it found in Jesse and goes right back to him. Jesse shoots some dudes dick off. Donnie shoots out his ear drums and pistol whips Jesse. Jesse and Quincannon talk some more. Jesse tells him he is going to call God to come down and answer to him and the people of that shithole town in Texas.

We also found out what left Quincannon such a twisted asshole, his entire family died in a freak gondola accident in Vail, CO.

Tulip adopts a baller ass bloodhound, plays with him all fucking day, and pops him into a room for Cassidy (we assume) to eat and heal. 

8 fucking episodes of nothing. We spent all this time building up to get to the start of the story, such a fucking waste. That said, I am not ready to write this show off yet. They do a great job with the action (when it happens) and there is some terrific dark comedy. My hope is that once we get through this bullshit, the story and the madness that we all loved about The Preacher books finally takes off. 


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