Monday, July 18, 2016

Rocket Raccoon and Groot #7 Review and **SPOILERS** - Marvel Mondays

Frankie, Rest in Peace. Long Live Frankie!

Writer: Nick Kocher
Artist: Michael Walsh
Colorist: Cris Peter
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date:  July 13, 2016
Rating: T
Reviewer: Paul B. aka DatBeardedBastard


Rocket Raccoon and Groot, along with Spider-Gwen are the two books I grab without looking at the interiors. I just see them and snag them. So when I got home and was getting ready to read the new issue, I was checking out the cover and was wondering who could be in that grave. Then, one page in, I was literally yelling, "What the hell is going on here?!" I looked at the cover and Young & Fosgitt were nowhere to be found! How did I not notice this right away?! I think it was due to me buying all the Rocket and Groot variants, so I assumed it was just another cover that my shop ordered.

Explain It!

After the initial shock wore off I started reading the issue since these are some of my favorite characters in the Marvel U, and the book has always been a good change of pace from typical super hero books. So, were all the elements of this series still there? The answer actually surprised me: they were. The writing was pretty good. It had our duo battling a giant alien creature all while Groot was running back and forth to answer the ship's phone and get Rocket's back at the same time. It has a Skottie Young feel, with Groot racing back and forth, trying to help Rocket battle some monster and also explain to the guy on the phone that he is Groot! When Rocket answers the phone, Groot straps his jet-pack onto the creature and it flies away.

It turns out that one of Rocket's friends Frankie died, and he and Groot head off to attend the funeral. Rocket reminisces about his first meeting with Frankie, and we learn that he was someone Rocket met when he was young, and helped him pull of some scams to survive. So it turns out Rocket is that friggin' Nigerian Prince that has been sending emails to us the whole time! Rocket tries to say some kind words at the service but he can't force himself to say anything. It seems like he just can't since he knew Frankie was like him, and didn't care for anything touchy-feely.

Seems Frankie was faking his death the whole time. Rocket and Groot go to lunch with him and when they get the bill, Frankie basically comes up with a dine and ditch plan and they split. They jump on a train and Rocket pats Frankie's back and he falls from the train to his death?!  So they have a second funeral and...

...Rocket is now the main suspect in Frankie's murder! These cops are not too bright, they reminded me a bit if the Thompsons from Tintin. Needless to say, some beat cops can't keep our dynamic duo in custody for too long. Rocket and Groot layeth the smaketh down on their candy asses. Then they bump into Frankie? He faked his death once again, this time it was because he wanted to get out of a brunch planned with another buddy. So they are chowing down and Frankie chokes on his food and dies! AGAIN?! WTH FRANKIE?!

Another funeral, and Frankie comes out of the grave again, this time it's because he owes a lot of money to a dangerous guy named the Slug. Rocket is not worried and tells Frankie and Groot that he can "squeeze back". So they go to get the ship and swing by Frankie's to pick him up...and HE IS DEAD??! AGAIN! Was it the Slug? Well Rocket and Groot show up at the Slug's place and trash the joint. It turns out that the Slug is a good guy who helps children.

That bastard Frankie merely used Rocket and Groot to break into the Slug's place so he can rob him. Those two jabroni cops were in on it too, they help load up the goods for Frankie. Frankie also tells Rocket and Groot that he is gonna collect on their bounties as well! What a bastard! Rocket tells Frankie that he was there for him when he needed him the most and that he loves him.

Then we see the giant creature from the beginning with Groot's jet-pack slam right where Frankie is, and Rocket pushes him away since he appears to be dead (Yeah right!) Groot knocks him the hell out and the two cops see the KO punch and give up right away. Frankie is at Rocket's funeral and he can't say anything touchy-feely about Rocket, so Groot does (It was touching I'm sure.) Groot gets in the ship and takes off as we learn that Rocket faked his death.

So this issue was a blast to read once I got past the initial shock. I even had my wife and son look at it, and they didn't think it was bad as I did at first, so it is possible that I am just a giant fan of Young & Fosgitt that it took me a while to get over their absence. I still love this series and will continue to collect it...even though it is gonna do something I hate with a freakin' passion!!! Cross-overs! And I may be the only one who is not interested in Civil War II. It is needless, pointless, and useless in my opinion. I think it is just an easy cash grab. 

Bits and Pieces:

I loved this book, and my initial score after reading it was going to be an 8.5, but after reviewing it and reading it again I had to adjust that score a bit.  I can't wait to see where this creative team takes this series from here. So with that being said I will give this book a…


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