Monday, July 18, 2016

Power Man and Iron Fist #6 Review and **SPOILERS** - Marvel Mondays

Let’s Keep Things Less…Civil

Writer: David Walker
Artist: Flaviano
Colorist: John Rauch
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: July 13, 2016
Rating: T
Reviewer: Paul B. aka DatBeardedBastard


As I stated in my Rocket Raccoon and Groot #7 review, I HATE CROSS-OVERS!!!! Especially when they occur in books that I enjoy reading. This series is a blast, and David Walker balances comedy and action so well, so needless to say I was pissed when I saw the Civil War II on the cover. Well let’s get to the book and see just how pissed off I will be after all. 

Explain It!

The issue starts off with Luke and Danny watching the news, as Jessica enters the "Underground Headquarters" with their daughter. They are freaking out to see the events of Civil War II unfold, and there is a report that War Machine has died (I'm not sure how cuz I won't buy the other books in this cross-over!)

In a flashback of Luke and War Machine having it out, it looks like Luke would have ripped him out of the armor and killed him if he wasn't pulled back. We also get a flashback of She-Hulk kissing Danny as he hears on the news that she is in a coma. Danny, Luke, and Jess don't want to get involved, but feel bad for what is happening to their friends as well.

Cut to a man, running from a car down an alley, and he turns out to be a former villain named Charles "Gamecock" Cardona. Some freaks in masks calling themselves Preemptive Strike are going around, looking to put a beat down on former villains before they have the chance to revert to a life of crime. Gamecock makes it clear that he does not want any part of it, but they attack him anyway. It is six against one, and Gamecock puts up a good fight, but they have baseball bats and beat him really bad. (I felt bad for this guy!) Hopefully these assholes get the beat down they deserve in a future issue. This story line actually has me intrigued, even though it’s based on the cross-over.

We are back to Danny and Luke who are meeting up with Captain Marvel. She says she wants to explain what is going on, but isn’t asking them to take sides (Yeah right!) They both feel the same as they did before and do not want to get involved.

Preemptive Strike, um, strikes again? This time it is against Shadricj "Mangler" Daniels, another former villain who has not done anything wrong since becoming reformed. They are all wailing away on him pretty good, but this guy is much tougher than the Gamecock, that's for sure. The scene cutd away, so we don't see the outcome of this fight at this time.

Luke and Danny's headquarters door is open, and they look like they are ready to throw down on whoever enters, but it is actually relatives of the victims of Preemptive Strike. They want to hire them for protection and, as they are deciding if they will take the job, Preemptive Strike busts in on them (How does everyone know where this Underground Base is?!)

Danny and Luke are beating the crap out of Preemptive Strike, when one of the Strikers’ is about to blast the the Gamecock's daughter with some super powers. Luke covers her, and they get blasted out of the building. The place gets raided by the authorities, and Danny is rounded up with Preemptive Strike and the family members looking for help. 

Luke wants to go back and help, but he is pulled away by two of the relatives, Part of me thinks he didn't really wanna go back. There is no way that he can be pulled away by a small girl. Three of the Preemptive Strike members break away and head back to their base, while Danny is driven off to jail while looking at Luke through the back window. I am sure that this will mean that our heroes will be on opposing sides in this Civil War crap! I hope that is not the case, I really enjoy this series and would hate to see the tone change. Being that it had to tie into Civil War, I think that David Walker did a good job keeping the same vibe from earlier issues, though it did not include the same comedy elements. The art, as usual, is amazing and fits the tone of the book well. I wish I could draw in this style, it is a perfect blend of comic strip and comic book art.

Bits and Pieces:

I am a huge fan of this series and David Walker, but it fell a bit for me since it was an obvious tie-in issue. With that being said, the book was still really good and I would recommend it to those that have been following from issue one. If you are new to the series, I can see this as an issue to pass up on. If you haven't read the series yet, I recommend getting the first four for sure, either as single back issues or when the trade comes out. Hopefully after this cross-over is over we can get back to what this book has been: a fun read with a good blend of action and comedy, and awesome art.


So until next time, DatBeardedBastard is out...

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  1. This issue got me going "now that's a smart match". I definitely want to see more Iron Fist & She hulk. It be cool if Danny gets out of jail and goes to try to heal Jennifer. Besides that, I think Danny and Luke are still more neutral than Tony and Carol.
    8/10. Great review keep it up