Thursday, October 6, 2016

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 10/5/16

You'll Always Win Me Over With Parody and Satire

Boy, were there a lot of freaking comics from DC this week! And due to variants, there were twice as many covers on those comics! That makes putting this list together more difficult. There are so many artists flexing their skills on all of these covers! Only five can make the cut, however, due to an arbitrary reason I will not reveal, so let's see what made the short list!

Midnighter and Apollo #1
Red & Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
You can't go wrong with concentric circles and a steep perspective. This is evocative of Grayson, which is not a bad thing.

Green Lanterns #8 variant
Emanuela Lupacchino
The regular cover tickled my heart--and was in the running alongside the variant at one point--but I had to give it to this classy, Halloween-themed number. Jessica and Simon working together to light the jack o'lantern is also meaningful to the series.

Harley Quinn #5
Amanda Conner & Alex Sinclair
This cover is so alive with stage-diving fun, it makes me feel like I'm a teenager again and getting my head stomped on by some stage-diver. More art from Amanda Conner is always welcome.

Justice League #6
Tony Daniel & Tomeu Morey
Okay, I am just a sucker for parody. So sue me. I mean, it's not like this isn't expertly-rendered by Tony Daniel, but I couldn't help chuckling at this take on the classic, triumphant "Justice League in Profile" shot that graced the first issue in the New 52. It's not even the first parody of that cover, and I love it nonetheless.

Green Arrow #8
Otto Schmidt
There is a Neal Adams variant for this issue that shows Oliver and Dinah embracing (and smooching!) but this image of them standing more apart makes the connection appear deeper. Composition is funny like that. The mountain doesn't hurt things, either. This is the kind of cover you see at the store and think, "Man, that looks great. This comic book is too good for a dope like me."

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