Monday, October 3, 2016

Star Wars #23 Review and *Spoilers*

"The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part 3"

Writer: Jason Aaron
Art by: Jorge Molina, Matt Milla and Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 28, 2016
Review by: Deron Murphree 

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Things have been a little crazy as of late for our merry band of Rebels. They've been about neck deep in Imperial entanglements and in turn have taken some serious bumps along the way. One thing they have going in their favor at the moment is the fact that they have recently commandeered an Imperial Star Destroyer. On paper this would seem like an impossible and irrational feat, but then again, Luke and Han have a way of making the impossible and irrational, possible. Let's see how they make use of this weapon in their struggle against the Empire.

We pick up where we last left off with Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, C3PO, R2D2, and a smuggler by the name of Starros, frantically trying to hold the damaged Imperial Star Destroyer together. The reactor core is unstable and an explosion on board prompts the skeleton crew of the vessel to get hot on the Star Destroyer's hyperdrive. R2D2 is able to make it happen as the rebels succeed in avoiding any more punishment from their attackers. We are then taken to days prior to the mission, where they are briefed by Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, and General Dodonna.

The Rebels have learned that Tureen 7 is under siege with the Empire having found out that the planet has been giving aid to the Rebellion. This has resulted in a blockade of Tie-Fighters and bases on the planet's two orbiting moons. Luke comes up with the idea to steal an Imperial Star Destroyer using only a skeleton crew to man it. Like I was saying, the plan sound nuts but it also may work because it would be unexpected. The purpose of the commandeered Imperial Star Destroyer would be to break through the Imperial lines and defend the people on Tureen 7. 

We are then taken to yet another scene of Han and Leia bickering at one another. There's also the hint of flirtation between the two of them. The two start arguing over who's going to captain the ship since the Admiral hasn't shown up to take command the vessel. Han decides to settle this the old fashioned way by racing Leia to the bridge with the stipulation being the winner takes command. In the meantime, Luke gets a report that a vessel had been detected on the bridge scanners. He decides to go and check it out with Starros in a pair of Tie-Fighters. 

What they find is a ship that does not match any Imperial descriptions and no life signs are detected on board. They also find the body of their dead Admiral tied to its hull. The issue ends with an Imperial Shuttle carrying the elite team of Stormtroopers closing in on the Rebels. The Sarge uses his lightsaber to start cutting through the door to the Star Destroyer. The team of troopers intend on stealing back their ship and wiping out all the Rebels on board.  

This is turning out to be a good story. Once again, the Stormtrooper team is the selling point of this story arc. I find myself secretly rooting for them because I find them to be the most interesting of all the characters. I would like to learn more about Starros as there's potential for character growth there. I hope they don't kill her off quick. To be completely honest, the banter between Han and Leia, though in character, comes off as annoying after a couple of panels. 

Jorge Molina's artistic interpretation of Chewbacca comes across to me like he just got off a tour with Jim Henson's Muppets. Don't get me wrong, the artwork is good. It's just that there are a few jarring moments in my opinion.

Bits and Pieces:

All in all, it looks as if the story is moving towards a crescendo. A showdown between the Sarge and Luke Skywalker seems to be inevitable. 


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