Saturday, October 8, 2016

Generation Zero #2 Review

The First Foster Family in Rook,MI

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Illustrator: Francis Portela
Color Artist: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 28, 2016
Review by: Ryan Douglas 

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We continue the story arc "We Are The Future Part 2". This picks up where the previous issue ended, Generation Zero saving Keisha from the Cornermen. While Keisha is still on the ground after the attack, the team is attempting to figure out what the pillars are that the Cornermen left behind. Telic isn't able to pick up any sort of reading to tell where the statues were in the past. Cronus notices Keisha's arm had been injured after the Cornermen arrived. As she is picking herself up off the ground. He attempts to touch her with his glowing hand he just used to blast the Cornermen with. She's uncomfortable and puts her hand up to stop him from getting closer. Cronus tells Keisha the same energy his body generates can be reversed and used to heal her wound. 

The crew is interrupted when a police SUV pulls up. Turns out to be Keisha's father, who had been called out to shut down Adele's party. After busting her party he was told there was weird activity happening by the pond near the party. Keisha's father starts to hassle Cronus and tries to have him empty his pockets. Cronus flat out tells him no and drops some 4th Amendment knowledge on his ass. He tells him to get a warrant before attempting to search him. Her father just gives Cronus and smirky grin grabs him up and slams him up against the car. 

You see Telic has to back Animalia down from going literally full ape. As Cronus is pulled off the car, he's left a bloodstain shaped kiss on the car window where Keisha is sitting. She may have forgotten about Stephen already. Keisha's father gives them a warning and tells them there is a curfew. When Keisha and her father return home, he notices his car had been tagged with the Ø logo. Now he really has it out for Cronus. 

The following day everyone is back at school. Keisha is called down to the Vice Principals office. Walking into the office she is introduced to the newest members of the Rook community, twins James and Katherine Zygos. Keisha is asked to show the two around  the school while she gets paperwork complete with their mother Diana. Keisha already has a suspicion that these two are with Generation Zero. 

The twins quickly confirm her suspicions. The way Diana is drawn, she stairs off blindly with a bright smile. You'd think she's possibly spaced out on some sort of heavy drugs. It turns controlling the body is the daughter of Diana, Gamete. She is a psychic fetus living inside her deceased mother. Does that same idea work for Weekend at Bernie's? The VP doesn't seem to notice anything wrong and wants to get the school forms filled out. Gamete is able to control the VP's thoughts and makes her believe there's no need for there to be paperwork filed and the VP is perfectly content with that. 

As Keisha and the Zygo Twins are walking through the hall, they pass Adele. She's grumpy and wearing sunglasses fighting her hangover. Keisha thanks her for inviting to her party the previous night. Adele gets upset and starts to blame Keisha for her party being busted by Keisha's dad then storms off. Too soon Keisha, you really brought that up. The twins sense something else is wrong besides her weekend bender. Katherine tells Keisha to take them to Adele's locker. 

Nowadays you only need a student I.D. to open your locker. Katherine constructs Adele's I.D. in her hand and uses it to open the locker. Inside, Adele's locker has become a shrine to Stephen. Which makes me think her father might be best buds with the Cornermen. 

Still in the school, Telic is sitting there staring at the ground as Adele walks out of  the shower stall in her towel. Adele is creeped out and gives Telic a countdown to get out. Telic then tells Animalia off panel not to let Adele finish counting down. There you see Animalia standing giantly over Adele formed into cartoon colored cat. Just like something from your favorite old Disney animations. Both styles of art combined in this panel work very well together. 

At dusk, Keisha drives the Zygo Twins to Lookout Park.  They pull up to where Generation Zero has made the local firewatch tower their HQ for the time being. Once out the car Keisha is immediately rushed and given a hug by Cloud. They've never met before. But Cloud is ecstatic to finally meet Keisha. Cloud is able to read all minds, all the time at once. 

She has focused on Keisha quite a bit and has picked up good vibes within her. Cronus then leads Keisha upstairs to the top of the tower. The issue ends revealing the team has taken Adele hostage. Cronus tells Keisha they need her to interrogate their first lead related to the arrival of the Cornermen.

Although Keisha doesn't have much to do yet. I hope to see her be given more to do as the story progresses. The story arc doesn't pick up much this issue. But I enjoying watching her adjust to meeting the Generation Zero and their unique talents. It's as if we are in her shoes with her throughout this trip. Now that we have the team established, this Cornermen story can start to move forward. The art in the series continues to be solid. I'm sticking around to see how this unfolds and possibly what Rook's involvement is with the Cornermen. 

Bits and Pieces:

We're introduced to the rest of the Generation Zero team. Although the story doesn't move along much. We learn more about these characters. Now that the team is formed and have their first lead we can really start to figure out what's going down in Rook city. 


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